FS Timex Midsize 5G311 Heart Rate Monitor Bodylink System NIB

FS Timex Midsize 5G311 Heart Rate Monitor Bodylink System NIB

Post by BoulderScubaGu » Tue, 14 Nov 2006 10:25:45

New, never used.

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EBAY ITEM 160049872476

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Speed + Distance Features:

EXACT SPEEDS Measures your real-time speed, average speed and maximum
EXACT PACE Calculates your pace, average pace and best pace.
EXACT DISTANCE Tracks your workout distance and gives target distance
CONTINUOUS ODOMETER Keeps track of your total distance for a workout or
group of workouts.
HANDS FREE OPERATION Start, stop and take splits automatically based on
distance, speed or time.
(Product claims: Distance accuracy is typically better than 95% in most
environments, and better than 99% in environments which offer a clear
view of the sky.)"
Watch Features:

INDIGLO? night-light
NIGHT-MODE? feature
Summary Mode: review speed, distance and heart rate performance data at
end of workout
100-hour, 3-mode countdown timer
100-lap memory with recall; lap and split option
5 alarms with 5-minute backup
Watch: 2 year battery life
Watch: Water-resistance 50m
Heart Rate Monitor Features:

TARGET ZONES Preset your desired heart rate exercise zone. Alarm
notification when you are not in zone.
AVERAGE HEART RATE Displays your average heart rate over a period of
TIME IN ZONE Amount of time spent within your selected heart rate
target zone.
MAXIMUM HEART RATE ZONE CALCULATION Automatically sets your five
training zones, one manual zone setting.
This Timex bodylink package includes the Timex Bodylink Watch, Heart
Rate Sensor, Heart Rate Elastic Strap, GPS Unit, Instructions.