Stomach Pain on the run

Stomach Pain on the run

Post by m e johnso » Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Howdy RSTers:

Well, yesterday I did a biathlon, my fourth multisport
race of the season and, for the third time this season,
cramped up (stomach) horribly on the run.

Up until yesterday, I thought that it must have something to do
with what I had been eating before and during the race, but yesterday
I made sure to eat nothing during the race (it was a short Du) and
to eat very little before the race (a banana and a bagel and
a few nibbles of power bar, more than 2 hours before the race

Now I think it might be coming from my stomach muscles and
hammering in the aero position.  I do a great deal of my training
rides in the aero position, but certainly not at the instensity of
a race.  Never have I done a training brick at race intensity.  
Furthermore, I have not been doing any sort of abdomen work since
preseason and think it might be related.

Any wise words of experience out there?  Could these pains
be due to underdeveloped abs and/or poor aero riding position?
Or are they probably just due to some (un)digested food/water
still sloshing around in there????

Thanks for any input,

                        Mark Johnson


Stomach Pain on the run

Post by JSchil1 » Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:00:00

You could be confusing stomach pain with side stitches which is a common
experience. The specific cause is unk but my (extensive) experience with
it is from GI gas. Fix: watch what you eat the night before and prior to
the race. Powerbars the morning of the race do it for me and really slow
me down with the stitch. Basically, try to have a bowel movmnt or a couple
of good farts in the morning. If you geta stitch the only thing to do is
slow down, or walk, and do some pursed lip breathing which creates a form
of abdominal backpressure. Good luck.


Stomach Pain on the run

Post by Gregthmp » Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I don't know about the benefits of farting and/or taking a good dump, but
I do know that I have had stomach problems for my entire four years as a
triathlete. I still haven't figured it out yet. . . But I am getting
close. I tend to have less of a problem when I build through the bike leg
instead of trying to hammer the whole way.  Like in Chicago I got carried
away and biked just behind Greg Welch for the first half of bike. I was
around fifth or so. But I was going to hard and  lost a few spots before
the run.  During the run I had to stop twice due to instense stomach pain.
 I ended up 18th.  So hammering early did me no good. . . At Schu's I had
trouble getting out of my wimp mode, i.e. I thought the water was too dam
cold to get in. As a result I started about 10 seconds after everyone
else.  I was second to last out of the water ( I think Devlin was the only
one I caught) and I was pretty much mentally out of the race. I had a
decent bike, starting out slow then building. I passed some people. I had
a good 10K. No cramping or anything. . . This is my best guess so far as
to cause of MY cramps.