Steve's Multisport Elite Bicycles Updates!

Steve's Multisport Elite Bicycles Updates!

Post by Steve Har » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

So far, my line of Elite Bicycles is going strong!

I just signed Ken Glah and Jan ***lyn. Both invested money into the
company and are distributing the line for me in New Zealand, Australia,
and Brazil.
I am keeping the USA distribution to my store to keep things simple. By
eliminating reps and other dealers, I am able to keep my cost low. 1999
will see our bikes in dealers stores.
I have a full line of road, cyclocross, track and of course Triathlon
bikes in 650c and 700c.
Lance Armstrong took a look at our design and is now having my builder
make him one in a 700c/650c TT frameset.

I have a photo shoot this week and will have color catalogs out next month
so stay tuned.

Basic photos are going to be on my web site: