NYC TRI Rained Out -- What's a Good Winter Tri?

NYC TRI Rained Out -- What's a Good Winter Tri?

Post by Ray Ploteci » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 01:32:03


> It's been raining all week in the Big Apple, and the race organizers
> turned the NYC Tri into a dualthon today. They said the conditions in
> the Hudson were too dangerous. I wonder if it was the tides -- or the
> runoff from the city streets?

> I know I'm not the only one who's disappointed. I live in New York
> City -- I can't imagine how it is for all those people who came from
> afar!

> I'm still determined to do an Olympic-distance race though. The NYC
> Tri was going to be my first, but now I have to pick another one.

> I was hoping you kind folks could help choose a race for the winter. I
> don't think I'll be able to do another tri before the summer ends.

> I had planned to finish the NYC tri, and then segue into a century at
> the beginning of September, and then the New York City Marathon in
> November. If I pick up another Olympic-distance tri now, it'll throw
> off my plans for the bike and foot races.

> So maybe I can get to a tri after November. Anyone have any
> suggestions?

> Obviously, I'd like to get to a place where I won't get rained out!
> Plus, a culturally interesting location would be nice. And finally,
> someplace that I could easily fly in and fly out of for competition.

> I'm really determined to get an Olympic distance tri in because I'd
> like to do Alcatraz in 2004, and I'd like to get a feeling for that
> distance earlier rather than later. Thanks!