PB's New Zealand Ironman Triathlon Training Diary: Week 1 of 12

PB's New Zealand Ironman Triathlon Training Diary: Week 1 of 12

Post by Paul Wilso » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Season's Greeting's fellow r.s.t. readers

Some of you may remember me as the bloke who started "PB's Triclub" web
site for a few years, but most of you will not have the foggiest who I
am. Well, over the next twelve weeks I invite you all to come with me on
a journey towards Ironman New Zealand.

Each week until the race I will bring you up to date with my training
and give you the opportunity to comment, make suggestions, offer advice
support or ridicule. I welcome all your thoughts!

As background, I previously did an IM distance event here in Melbourne,
Australia in 1994. On a cold, wet and windy day I recorded a time of
12:53 hrs. Very slow - but hey, I did not care.

This time I hope to go under twelve hours.

The training below is a summary. Some sessions are done as a continuous
block (e.g., bike rides) but others (e.g., swims) may be drills, etc.
comprising that total distance and roughly that time taken.

As we are now almost at the end of week two the next post will be fairly
soon. I will also post some semblance of a training plan so that can be
critiqued too.

Regards, PB

               Swim            Bike             Run
               mtr   hrs       km    hrs        km   hrs
Mon 14 Dec     500   09.17                      6.0 0:28.15
Tue 15 Dec
Wed 16 Dec     1500  35.00
Thu 17 Dec                    39.10 1:24.46
Fri 18 Dec     1500  29.38
Sat 19 Dec                    96.82 3:19.16
Sun 20 Dec     1000  25.00                     14.0 1:11.01

TOTALS         4500 1:38.55  135.92 4:44.02    20.0 1:39.16

Training Days   6
Sessions        8
Avg. Weight  83.6 kg

Began my first week of a twelve week specific build up for IM NZ this
week. It will consist of three four week cycles with a two week taper at
the end of cycle three.

I have not settled on a session by session plan yet but am focussing on
the "long" set each week as the main one.

Swim: 1500m this week building to 4000m in week 10
Bike: 100 km this week building to 200 km in week 10
Run: 14 km this week building to 32 km in week 10

I will try to do three sessions per week in each discipline - with
perhaps more swimming (technique drills) as a recovery from runs/bikes.

I will also focus on reducing my weight. In mid October I was seeing
87kg+ on the scales and am now down to around 83+. I hope to get this
down to 78kg by race day.

Until next week!

Cheers, PB


PB's New Zealand Ironman Triathlon Training Diary: Week 1 of 12

Post by Paul Wilso » Mon, 28 Dec 1998 04:00:00


Me again!

Looks like I had some old contact details in my message header.

Cheers, PB