Water Running - "Update"

Water Running - "Update"

Post by Rolf Aran » Mon, 05 Oct 1992 00:30:37

In January, I took a water running class to explore this odd method
of cross-training.  After 10 sessions, I had learned **how** to water
run.  I just needed to learn how to effectively use it now.  

I used it in January and February, ran a little in March, was reinjured,
had surgery in March and again in April.  I water ran pretty consistently
for April and May, and began to run again in late May.  In June, I got
bursitis and/or a stress fracture in my foot.  Back to the water.  In July
I got a stress fracture in the same foot, different toe.  (Bad shoes were the

I ran a 5 km race in August with minimal on-road training, finishing
in respectable 20:35, with a good sprint at the end.  Two weeks later, with
**no on-road** mileage at all, I posted my best run ever in a triathlon,
averaging just under 6:30's for 3 miles at Harriman.  


I am now running the equivalent of 40 miles/week, with about 20-40% in the
water.  I am training for the NYC marathon in November, and eagerly
anticipate running now (thanks to a new attitude and no injuries).  I cannot
predict my time yet, but 3:30 or below seems do-able.  

I highly recommend water running to those who are injury prone, have leg/
muscle soreness, or just want a different workout.  Runners' World recently
"criticized" water running, saying they could not get the heart rates up
to over 75% of heart rate max.  When I run, my heart rate ranges from
170-190 bpm.  I can sustain 180 bpm in the water, so I feel confident
that aerobically I can match land running w/o injury worries.  Plus,
water running works the upper body **alot**, which always help the
muscle-minded triathletes.

Well, it is Saturday afternoon.  Mom is at home waiting for me to visit,
so I am outa here.  

Stay healthy.

Rolf Arands

(BTW, I use a 5 mile loop as a weekly time trial.  My average pace is now
down to 31:12, or 6:14/mile.  It seems to be dropping about 4 sec/mile/week
so things are going in the right direction anyway.)