Swimming Results

Swimming Results

Post by michael p.herli » Sun, 19 Jan 1992 03:00:56

*UPDATED* results from the triathlete swimming survey.
A total of 18 responses were recieved.

(1)  Do you rotary or bi-lateral breath?
        Bi-lateral                      12
        Rotary                          6
        Alternate                       2

(2)  How many strokes between breaths?
        1 stroke                        7
        2 stroke                        4
        3 stroke                        5
        4 stroke                        2

(3)  How many kicks per stroke?
        1 beat/stroke                   1
        2 beat/stroke                   9
        3 beat/stroke                   2
        4 beat/stroke                   4
        6 beat/stroke                   2

(4)  Do you train distance, interval or both?
        Interval                        4
        Distance                        1
        Both                            13

(5)  What % of your training is open water?
        Average                         4.1%
        Low                             0%
        High                            15%

(6)  Do you train with a Master's team?
        Yes                             3
        No                              15

(7)  Do you train with a triathlon club?
        Yes                             3
        No                              15
        Used to                         2
        Want to                         2


        (5) Mostly races, fortnightly tri-club swims.  10%

        (3)  Four during the majority of the race.  Six at the
        end or when trying to break out of a pack.

        Mike..read your posting about triathletes and swimming.  
        I have been coaching a triathlete for the past four months
        with good results.  

        (4)  Both. I don't swim that much, usually 2-3 times/week
        during the season, once a week now. I usually alternate
        between distance (2000-3000 yds) and intervals (100s and 200s)

        (5)  15-20% in the summer, 0% winter!

        (7)  [...stuff deleted...] Last winter we videotaped our strokes
        and had a local swim coach analyze the strokes on the tape during
        one of our meetings. Very helpful.

        (5)  None, however I race about 15 times a year, so
        I get plenty of open water training.

For those of you living in the Monmouth County, NJ area there is a
triathlon club. The Sandy ***s, (908) 842-8017. I just joined
so no inside information yet.

Thanks for all you answers. If this is semi-interesting I could do a
follow-up poll in a month or so. If there is a question you'd like
to ask - send it.

Mike H.