letters to the editor

letters to the editor

Post by Dan Empfie » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 11:57:00

I have a request.  It is concerning my home page, which is almost done.  I
expect it to be up in about a week and a half, at which point I will post
the URL.  Building this thing is at once the most fun and the biggest
headache I have had in awhile.

Anyway, one aspect of my home page is going to be news.  Meaning, in
addition to being able to buy stuff on-line, and technical help for a
variety of problems triathletes have, and what I think are useful hotlinks
to other services (and of course to existing tri home pages) I'm going to
have a "News page" that will be fairly well developed, almost a mini

These news stories will be written by me and by other guest writers.  I
hope to coerce JJ, Baringo, Brug, Jenky, and Gilboa, among others, into
writing some pieces.  I want to have a "letters-to-the-editor" section.  I
thought about having a hotlink right from the News section of my home page
directly to this newsgroup.  In this case a letter-to-the-editor would
appear in this newsgroup under a thread title which matches the title of
the article to which it pertains.

The reason I thought it would be a good idea is that it would be like a
magazine to which any letters-to-the-editor would be instantly published
(instead of 3 months later) and of course it is unmoderated, so anybody
who wishes to flame me could do so to his heart's content without fear
that his letter would not be published.

On the other hand, I thought it might not be good, because the letters to
the editor would only make sense to those who read the articles, and of
course only those with Web access would have the opportunity to read
them.  On further rumination, though, it occurred to me that there are
only two kinds of people on-line, those with Web access and those who will
have Web access.  

So anyway, I'd like to know what everyone thinks about this idea, and what
alternatives you might have that might work better.