FIRM half-ironman, MA

FIRM half-ironman, MA

Post by jjank » Thu, 25 Aug 1994 23:48:34

So is anyone doing the "FIRM-man" race this weekend?  This will be my
first half-ironman, and I'd appreciate any info on the course:  hills,
road quality, etc.  I think this is the third year it's been run in
Leominster, MA.  I'm a little worried about the bike, especially
because I've had numerous flats lately.  At least I've had lots of
practice changing tires.

Good luck to everyone at IMC.  Hopefully I'll make it next year.  

Joe Jankovsky
grad slave....I mean, student.

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FIRM half-ironman, MA

Post by Robert Tans » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 02:58:02

        I've done the FIRMMAN the previous two years. The pond that the swim is
in is pretty nice. The only problem in the past with the swim is that the course
layout. The RD keeps dreaming up really wierd courses. The pond is big enough to
do an out and back and certainly a triangle could be done, but I guess that is to
simple. Last year the swim course was Y shaped with the two return legs directly
into the sun.

        The bike leg has been changed from previous years. It used to be a five
loop course that was challenging, but not obnoxously so. I believe that this year
it is six loops and it may not be as challenging. In the past years they've had
one bottle exchange feed zone on the loop that will more than likely stay the
same. Here they've had water, gatorade, powerbars and bannanas.

        I believe the run is remaining the same. I've found it to be challenging.
It's one loop with a bunch of hills. There is an out and back section that is 3
miles round trip. This section is completely exposed to the sun. Alot of people
break down during this section. There should be water available at regular
intervals on the course.

        I'm not racing this year. At least I don't think I am. ;-) I may show up
to spectate or compete on a team. Then again I just might sleep in.

good luck

bob tanski


FIRM half-ironman, MA

Post by IronMa » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 00:03:01

(jjankov) writes:

^I need info on FIRM half Ironman^

I live 15 miles from where the race wil be but I will not be doing it, as
I am preparing for th ESPRIT IronMan in Montreal on September 10- a little
bit too close for me to be doing a half-ironman 2 weeks before!!

The swim is basically flat(ha-ha).  Ihave heard it is a rectangular

The bike course is 5 laps of fairly acccomodating rolloing hills, except
for the end of each lap where there is a good sized hill to welcome you.
Fairly challengin overall.

The run is out and back and not to shady- it will be hot out there,
especially with the forecast for Sunday to hit 90 degrees .  I think the
run is pretty flat.

If you have never done a FIRM race you will be surprised how well
organized it is.  I do about 5 or 6 of his race every year and thoroughly
enjoy them.  You get a lot for your entrance dollars-- definitely not over
priced like some race companies- this is what happens when you have a
family run race company. I hope you enjoy  the race and good luck!!

Where are you coming from to do the race??  Drop me a line on the NET to
let me know how you did.