Current stink - "FAIR" or un-"FAIR"

Current stink - "FAIR" or un-"FAIR"

Post by Rolf Aran » Mon, 22 Nov 1993 00:52:22

To all readers - first, I apologize for the pun in the title, but I just
couldn't resist the temptation.

It is my personal belief that Mr. Larry Chapman is doing a helluva
good job at provoking discussion on the fairing topic, and providing
a well-played devil's advocate position.

Following are my thoughts on the debate (they may or may not be true or
realistic or whatever, but they are my thoughts):


Advantages of fairings - better aerodynamics; promotes innovation; faster

Disadvantages - safety hazards (as per Larry's postings); focus on
widgets versus the athlete herself or himself; too pricey; intimidating
to newcomers; unfair advantages over unfaired bikes; opens the floodgate for
recumbents, etc. (no thank you!!!).  

I say disallow fairings.  Draw the line and leave the aero gadgets where
it is at now.  Enough said.  It seems the technology is growing
faster than the sport itself.  

If fairings are allowed, place faired-bike riding competitors in a separate
division.  Problem solved from that perspective.  

Rolf Arands