Another Blue Flame for the Tri Mags (repost)

Another Blue Flame for the Tri Mags (repost)

Post by Pat Br » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 01:35:31

JJ said he hasn't seen this on AOL yet, so I'm reposting to see if our
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->Subject: Another Blue Flame for the Tri Mags
->Date: 7 Sep 1994 15:16:12 GMT
->Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
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->Every since JJ brought up this thread, I've been doing a lot of comparison
->trying to come up with concrete examples (I knew I wasn't satisfied, but
->wanted to more specific).
->1. Race reports specifically IM-Germany.  The race reports in Triathlete
->are especially dry and uneventful.  The writers seem to forget that the
->majority of their audience doesn't get a chance to race in the ***
->locales of Europe, Carribean etc...  Also, they only describe the race
->which in many cases generates the e***ment of a summer camp checkers
->tournament.  "Pigg's off the front in the bike..."  Few paragraphs later,
->"Pigg's still off the front..." and finally, "Pigg stayed off the
->front..."  Oh and don't forget the "excuse me please" short epilogue blurb
->about the women's race, "Paula had another great day..."
->What is the problem.  THE READER DOESN'T EXPERIENCE THE RACE.  This is
->what is great about the net.  Take for example Mark Jenkin's IM-Germany
->race report.  It was great.  He described one of the best racing
->experiences that I've ever heard of.  The bike was like the TdF in that
->crowds were so dense only one or two cyclists could get through etc.
->People cheering, ethusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm...
->Now read Triathletes version.  You get the same old dry coverage.  If I
->was writing for these mags, the first thing I would do is contact people
->on the net and see if I could interview them/borrow portions of their race
->report and collate as many comments as possible.  I would also get a copy
->of the race results and interview (race day or within a week by phone) not
->only the top finishers but middle-of-the-packers and back-of-the-packers.
->Now, the readers get to relive the race, not fall asleep from it.
->2.  Proofing.  I don't know who does the proofing on the final mats for
->Triathlete, but they need to look at their career decision carefully.
->Issue after issue, captions on pictures are screwed-up/switched, pictures
->are wrong etc...  It is very unprofessional.  Also, this whole debacle
->with the TriFed membership card and Winnning Itnl where some people waited
->months for their cards to arrive.  This also made the magazine look very
->bad-- even if it was not their fault.
->3.  IQ.  In the adverti***t section, Triathlete always says something
->like "our average reader's income is $7X,XXX..."  If triathletes are
->really making that much money, don't you think they have some brains to go
->along with it.  One of the comments that came out of JJ's survey is that
->Triathlete can be read too quickly-- it's not meaty enough.  IMHO, the
->only challenging articles focus mainly on nutrition.  For me (minority
->view), one of the reasons I like to exercise a lot is that I don't have to
->focus on nutrition (really over-eating).  I would like to see some more
->technically brain-challenging articles.  The whole mag shouldn't be that
->way, but maybe we could get ONE TECHNICAL ARTICLE on physiology,
->aerodynamics, bike mechanics, wind-tunnel calculations...  This would be
->easier to include that you think.  Triathlete needs to make a call for
->articles.  There are plenty of knowledgable athletes out their that would
->be willing to contribute (this is what programmer's mags do) and would
->liven up the mag quite a bit.
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