Great Floridian triathlon

Great Floridian triathlon

Post by Sue Bonne » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00
[1] Floridian Results (limited)

The cold front hit Clermont in the early hours before the race. A strong

Northern wind blew up a steep chop on Lake Minneola, prompting Fred
Sommers to warn that due to extreme conditions this was not the place for

novice swimmers to test their abilities. The race start was delayed by 25

minutes due to one of the tents being blown down.

Brad Rex took an early lead out of the water in 54 minutes, followed 6
minutes back by Tony Milevsky, two minutes farther was Joe Bonness and
another to Yugi Fugiwara of Japan.  

Brad's lead eroded during the bike with Tony taking the lead by the bike

to run transition, with Joe Bonness three minutes back, followed by Yugi  

in another 2 minutes.

On the run Tony took off , Brad's legs had given up as he walked up the
early steep hills. It may have been because of the Hawaii Ironman only
two weeks before but he was now being caught by Joe and Yugi who had also

both finished in Hawaii.  Yugi quickly took second place leaving Brad and

Joe running together. Before the last lap around Lake Minneola, Yugi
caught Tony for the new lead.  Brad recovered to surge ahead in the last

7 miles.

Yugi held the lead and set a new course record of 9:16:20, followed by
Tony in 9:21:54. Third was Brad at 9:54:38. Joe Bonness held on for
fourth and the new Masters record of 10:00:58. Fifth was Justin Dore in

The wind died down as the morning broke and by 10:00am the sun came out,

temperatures rose to the mid 70's leaving perfect running conditions. The

bike course was great, well marked, smooth pavement, lots of sheriffs,
and little traffic problems (other than lots of dog hazards on the roads).

Apologies for not having the womens and other results, they should be on

the Orlando www site by mid week.

Joe Bonness