Swimming pools in Boston? (repost)

Swimming pools in Boston? (repost)

Post by Tim Cesped » Sun, 12 Jan 1992 03:40:11


>I'm going to be in Boston for a few days next week, and I'm looking for a
>pool near the Boston Marriott Copley Place. I won't be renting a car, so
>it's important that the pool be close or accessible by public transit.

Try the following:

        1. Dwight Davis         617-424-6815
        2. Marilyn Strom (University of Massachussetts) 617-929-7590
        3. Paula Pollard (Dedham High School Pool)      617-329-3640
                                                    or  617-686-0194

I don't know if these are near the Marriott but you can contact try
contacting these people.

I pulled these names out of the "Places to Swim" document that
US Masters Swimming publishes.  To order a copy of pools throughout
the US, send $5 to:

        Pacific Masters Swimming
        580 Sunset Parkway
        Novato, CA   94947

It's very handy if you travel on your job.  However, some places
require you to have a US Masters Swimming card and most places
will charge you a fee to swim.  (I did find one high school on
the island of Hawaii that let you swim for free.  The guy's
philosophy was, "If you enjoy it, you shouldn't have to pay.")

Tim Cespedes
Sun Microsystems, Inc.