Clermont FL Triathlon Weekend

Clermont FL Triathlon Weekend

Post by Matt Mahon » Wed, 07 Apr 1993 02:44:00

Clermont Florida Triathlon Weekend
Sat. Apr. 3 -- Swim 0.25 mi, bike 7.3 mi, run 3 mi.
Sun. Apr. 4 -- Swim 1 mi, bike 25 mi, run 7.3 mi.

Like last year, I did both races so I knew what to expect --
to shine in the short course, only to be trounced in the long course
where all the real competition is.  Although Saturday's 50:58 was good
enough for 18'th overall and 2nd in 35-39 M, my 2:44 on Sunday wouldn't
have won 60-64 men or masters women.  Trophys went 5 deep in all age
groups, but that doesn't help much when you're 21st of 30.

The weather was good.  Lake Minneola was 71 degrees on Saturday, 69 on
Sunday (no wetsuit to save time in transition).  Air was high 50's
to low 60's, climbing to about 70 and overcast during the long run.
It was a bit less humid than usual (91% at sunrise).  

The loop around the lake (short bike, long run) was fairly flat but windy.
The short run had some hills that I had to walk up, and the long bike
had a few steep hills as well (42x28 gear) but wasn't too bad overall.

Racing on Saturday didn't seem to affect my performance on Sunday.
My bike on the long course was 0.6 MPH slower, and my run pace dropped
from 6:30 to 7:05 per mile, but that's to be expected for the longer

I like this course because I can race against myself instead of others.
The course is accurate and repeatable, and the mailed race results always
include split times.  The long course is in its tenth year, and the
short course is being repeated 7 times this year.  Both bike courses
agreed with my odometer within 1/20 mile.  Contrast this with the
heavily promoted Bud Light $printman series where they don't even bother
to measure the course, much less announce finish times at the awards.

I know you don't care who won, since there weren't any big names (yet).
Twelve year old Jennifer Capelli gave me a scare beating me onto the
run in the short course and holding a sub 7:00 pace.  She finished
second female.  Her 17 year old brother missed winning by 1 second,
proving (like the Punctous twins) that triathlon ability is mostly

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