Road Racing and Multisport

Road Racing and Multisport

Post by Rick Denn » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I'd probably not do the forward seatpost thing for a bike that had to
go both ways. I'd set it up for road racing, and then bolt on aerobars
for tris. The reason is that you have to use a longer stem with a
forward seatpost, and changing stems is a real pain in the but.
Unless, of course, you have a Look Ergo adjustable stem.

I agree that sucking wind in two sports is much more rewarding than
just being crappy in one. But I don't much like wheel-to-wheel racing
any more. I've gotten too old and my imagination is too good. It is
crash phobia, to be sure, but I just don't need it.

I'll sure be first in line to race in a USCF time trial event,
however, and when the new velodrom opens here in Dallas next Spring
I'll be first in line to learn how to suck really badly in the 4000
meter pursuit. But then I'll have to buy a track bike, and my
girlfriend will leave me. Unless--I sell my mountain
bike--yeah--that's it. Of course, I could keep my mountain bike and
race in NORBA races and suck really badly in three sports.


>Anyone out there succesfully combine road racing and tri/du?  Other than
>the hassle of taking off the aerobars, changing seatposts, etc., what
>other issues should be considered?

>Both sports are great fun, and I'd hate to choose one over the other.
>Being bad at two sports is so much more rewarding than simply stinking
>in front of the same people each week.  Plus, my cycling buddies think
>I'm probably a good runner and my tri friends think I must have a good

>Or perhaps being the most fit guy on the golf course might be fun.....

Rick Denney
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