> Long distance swim training

> Long distance swim training

Post by Ironma » Thu, 24 Nov 1994 06:08:36

I have heard two schools of thought on long distance swim training.
One is to do lotsa long straight swims.  The other is long yardage
swims broken into intervals.

I had a decent swim at IM Canada this year (69 minutes).  In fact, I felt
better at the end of the swim than when I started.  I was so relaxed that
I became silly on the last 0.5 mi, seeing how long I could glide on
each stroke and watching the fish and ...

I was relaxed and really smooth at the end of the 2.4 mile swim.
In fact, that was THE BEST swim, from every viewpoint, that I have done
in a triathlon.

My training going in was the following:
Weeks 1 and 2:
1 x 60-75 minute freestyle or pull straight swim/week
  (in my opinion ya gotta get used to the boredom and staying
   focused on longer swims; intervals don't cut for this in IMHO)
1 x 2000-2400 yd all drills workout/week
That's it.

Week 3
   1 x 25-35 minute crawl or pull straight swim

This year I plan doing the following as the normal workout weeK:
   1 x 60-75 minute straight swim as before
   1 x 2400 yd drill workout as before
** 1 x 2400 yd short interval workout (25s, 50s, and 100s) **

Your yardage may vary.  Good luck.

Rolf Arands

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