My first open water swim

My first open water swim

Post by smi.. » Fri, 18 Feb 1994 19:58:22

Hi all, more adventures from the newbie.
This time I've done my first ever open water swim!

Oh boy is it different from the pool. A whole posse of folk turned up
for the 5th? open water event in this current series at Corsair Bay in
Lyttleton Harbour. There's a 500m training event and 1500m competitive
I pulled on the wettie, cap and goggles and very carefully waded in
for a quiet solo exploration beforehand. I was VERY nervous but it
helped a lot when I found that my wetsuit gave me so much lift. This
was very reassuring and wetties are highly recommended.

Ok I'd adjusted to the water temp (15-16 c?) and found a position on
the start line on the beach. I set off dead last to avoid the
maelstrom and found myself very quickly passing people. The pack
spread out like brown's cows and we were pushed off course by the

LESSON 1 Look where you're going LOTS!

The course was a triangle; out to an anchored boat across to a buoy
and back to the beach.
I hit the pontoon head first on the way back in despite looking up
only two strokes before it and reckoning I'd miss it!

LESSON 2 Look where you're going LOTS! (This is quite tiring!)

Still I got back onto dry land OK amongst the first dozen or so which
surprised me greatly. The time was a very easy 14.05.?? ish for more
like a 600m course which I had turned into something like 800 in

LESSON 3 Look where you're going LOTS (This requires practice!)

Still all good experience and confidence boosting for me

Good luck all,