IRONMAN UPDATE was Re: Congrats Lyn Brookes

IRONMAN UPDATE was Re: Congrats Lyn Brookes

Post by Andy Kels » Thu, 20 Oct 1994 03:31:35

>Speaking of.. What place did S.T. come in this year?
>He has not been in the top 20 as far as I know.

I was by a friend who went 9:48 and 148th overall Tinley was not far ahead
in 96th overall (you do the math, it's somewhere in the 9:20-30 range..).  
Sounds like it was windy (cross winds on the bike) and very hot.  Pretty good
American showing (2nd, 3rd, 9th?, and 11th (Chuckie V)).  Those guys in the
group must have about lost it when they saw Dave Scott with them off the bike.
Way to go old man!  I also was told that Ken Glah was off the bike first and
Peter Kropko took the lead early on in the run, only to collapse (we'll see
on TV in December) and be hospitalized.  A little too anxious for the win, I
guess.  Mike
Mike Pigg finished around 9:20 (sounds like he just did it for fun).
over 100 people dropped out of the race.  That's a very large number, like 10%
of the participants.  

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IRONMAN UPDATE was Re: Congrats Lyn Brookes

Post by Timothy Gotsi » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 21:44:43

The finisher percentage was 92%, as related by the medical director
at the post race banquet.  As everyone has seen, a lot of big names
dropped out or finished much slower than one would expect.  My
general impression of the course (my first time) was that it was
quite hot (not as humid as I expected though), but the winds were
what killed me.  On the bike, particularly the last 15 miles up to
Hawi, the headwind was incredible, at least 15 mph constantly.

I'll past a long race description soon, complete with as many adjective
-riddled phrases as I can find to describe the experience.


Timothy Gotsick