Israel IRON-MAN!

Israel IRON-MAN!

Post by Oren Mi » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 09:48:11

Hello all tri.;

  I have recieved yesterday in the mail a registraion form to Israels
championship IRON-MAN tri.

Who ever likes doing these kind of distances and doing it in beutiful sites,
should come do this tri.   I will take place by Israels largest (not including
the dead sea) lake which is also Israels 70% drinking water source (so if you
***while you swin and cycle fast enough home you might get to drink your...).

There will be thee major events that day: 1) Half Iron-Man 2.5k/80k/20k.
                                          2) Olympic distances 1.5/40/10k's.
                                          3) Family distances 1/15/3k.

The whole thing is under E.T.U's rules and will count for points (or what ever
you get when you do a tri.).

To recieve more info.  and registrate; Call 972(6)-757-636-1.
                                   or Fax   972(6)-757-641  .

Damm, almost forgot - The event is on the FIRST OF MAY 1993!!!

bye bye from O><M