Seeking Favorite Workouts

Seeking Favorite Workouts

Post by WaterPrf » Sun, 24 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I am seeking favorite workouts from triathletes around the world to include in
a book to be called The Waterproof Triathlete.  This book follows the success
of The Waterproof Coach, which is geared to swimming only.  The Waterproof
Triathlete would be structured in the same manner as The Waterproof Coach with
waterproof pages cut in thirds that can be mixed and matched to create
thousands of combinations of workouts.  The top panel would include a swim
workout, the middle panel a bike workout, and the bottom panel a run workout.  

This is an opportunity to have your name, workout, and biosketch featured in
the book.  If you would like to contribute, please provide:

A favorite swim, bike and run workout.
Your name and age.
Your hometown.
A short biosketch listing your races, accomplishments or anything else you
consider important.
Your favorite thing about preparing for or participating in triathlons as
well as your pet peeve!

I am seeking novice as well as top-level triathletes.  All of the workouts will
be rated so the reader can determine which level of workout is appropriate to

The book is at least a year away from completion, so it may be a while before I
select which workouts to include.  However, I will acknowledge receipt with
sincere appreciation!

Tom Denes
Ancient Mariner Aquatics, Inc.
4522 Everett Street
Kensington, Maryland  20895