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Looking for an all-inlcusive package for the summer games?  Well,  
here it is.  This pacakge includes a 3 bedroom, golf course home for
the duration of the games, and 128 GREAT tickets to the hottest events
at the summer games.  These are NOT "nobody wants em" seats or events.  

This package includes 60 GOLD MEDAL CLASS A tickets.  104 tickets to
sold out events.

Attached is a list of tickets included in the package, and a description
of the house.

Please email if you are interested.

[ ticketem.txt 3K ]
Summer Games Tickets By Date

Event Event   Event    Nbr.   Tkt.   Event
Date  Code    Time     Tkts   Class  Desciption

18-JulGP59751 12:00 P    4    A      Gymnastics:   Artistic Pod Training  SOLD OUT
21-JulBB12431 8:00 PM    4    A      Baseball:  Japan vs Cuba  SOLD OUT
21-JulBB12433 8:00 PM    4    C      Baseball: Japan vs Cuba
22-JulJD68131 3:00 PM    4    A      Judo:  MidWeight M/W GOLD & BRONZE Medal  SOLD OUT
24-JulRO70041 9:00 AM    4    A      Rowing:  Repechage
24-JulGA56331 4:15 PM    4    A      Gymnastics:  Men All Around Final GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
25-JulJD68991 3:00 PM    4    A      Judo:  Half lighweight GOLD & BRONZE Medal  SOLD OUT
25-JulBB12032 8:00 PM    4    B      Baseball: USA vs Japan
25-JulBB12034 8:00 PM    4    D      Baseball:  USA vs Japan
27-JulBK23802 8:00 PM    4    A      Women's Basketball:  USA vs Austialia / Russia vs Canada
28-JulCT41001 11:15am    4    A      Track Cyclying:  Finals & Semi-Finals GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
28-JulWL93491 12:30pm    4    B      Weightlifting:  99Kg Group B Finals SOLD OUT
28-JulBB12992 3:00 PM    4    B      Baseball: USA vs Cuba  SOLD OUT
28-JulGA56521 9:30 PM    2    A      Gymnastics:  Men Floor, Rings, Horse: Women Vault, Uneven Bars GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
29-JulBB12371 8:00 PM    4    A      Baseball:  Japan vs Korea
29-JulGA56341 8:30 PM    2    A      Gymnastics:  Men Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar: Women Floor, Balance Beam GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
30-JulGA56391 4:00 PM    4    A      Gymnatistics:  Artistic Exhibition  SOLD OUT
31-JulVY81922 8:00 AM    4    B      Women's Volleyball:  Classification Game
31-JulTE79252 11:00am    4    B      Tennis:  Women Doubles GOLD, Mens Semi-Finals  SOLD OUT
31-JulBX28961 1:30 PM    4    B      Boxing: Quarterfinals  SOLD OUT
1-Aug BK23721 8:00 PM    4    A      Men's Basketball:   Semi Finals  SOLD OUT
2-Aug AT11531 7:30 AM    4    A      Athletics:Relay prelims, javelin, misc.  SOLD OUT
2-Aug GR61971 3:00 PM    4    A      Gymnastics:  Rhythmic Group Finals GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
2-Aug FB51981 6:00 PM    4    A      Soccer:  BRONZE Medal  SOLD OUT
2-Aug FB51982 6:00 PM    4    B      Soccer:  BRONZE Medal  SOLD OUT
2-Aug FB51983 6:00 PM    4    C      Soccer:  BRONZE Medal  SOLD OUT
2-Aug BK23631 8:00 PM    4    A      Men's Basketball: 7 vs 8 / 5 vs 6 games  SOLD OUT
3-Aug VY81021 12:00pm    4    A      Women's Volleyball:  GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
3-Aug BX28961 1:30 PM    2    A      Boxing:  Finals GOLD MEDAL  SOLD OUT
3-Aug FB51061 3:45 PM    4    A      Soccer:  GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
3-Aug AT11391 6:30 PM    4    A      Athletics:  All Finals, Best Athletics Day  GOLD Medal  SOLD OUT
3-Aug BK23471 8:00 PM    4    A      Men's Basketball:  GOLD/BRONZE   DREAM TEAM  SOLD OUT
4-Aug HB62842 11:00am    4    A      Men's handball:  GOLD MEDAL  SOLD OUT
4-Aug BK23091 4:00 PM    4    A      Women's Basketball:  GOLD/BRONZE Medals  SOLD OUT

      130 Total Tickets
      80 Medal Tickets                      Contact Rusty Ryan (708) 968-7268 for pricing

      106 Tickets to SOLD OUT Events

      Sold Out Events indicates that tickets are not available from ACOG.

[ house.txt < 1K ]
Olympic Housing

A 3 bedroom, 2 bath golf course home in Marietta, GA (Cobb County) is
available.  This home has all of the modern amenities one would expect
including central air, cable TV in all rooms, home theater, 2 car garage,
full kitchen & laundry, etc.  Weekly maid service is included.

This home is nestled among the pine trees and overlooks a golf course,
has a deck with gas grill, and is 5 minutes from Marta (Olymic Rapid transit),
and 20 minutes from Olympic Village.  This home sleeps 6 comfortably
(2 in master suite with king bed and private bath, 2 twin beds in each of
the other 2 bedrooms).

Other reasonable amemities, as specified by the renting parties, can be provided.