How 'bout this for how NBC should do the Olympics?

How 'bout this for how NBC should do the Olympics?

Post by Max » Thu, 08 Aug 1996 04:00:00

NBC sucked.  Most people agree on this.  But what can we do to fix it?
How about these changes, see if you like them or not:

1) Notification of "virtual live."  Although it does make some
portions more exciting, it is an annoyance to believe that it is live
and then find out; we won it 23 hours ago.  

2) Leasing of non-covered events to other networks.  NBC not only
didn't show ANY Judo, they didn't even show any results!  This is a
prime example of how NBC screwed us out of our Olympic coverage.  NBC
could not only please the American public buy leasing events out, they
could make more money!  If NBC would go to, say, ESPN and say "if you
pay us $100,000, you may show Judo, but not a prime time."  ESPN would
get to show some Olympics, the people would get to choose what to
watch, and NBC would make a quick buck.  Everyone would be happy!

3) Less stories on the main NBC network.  NBC has **3** networks. If
some of those stories could be moved to the huge failure MSNBC, or
even put them on when the market closes on CNBC, they could provide
better coverage to every person.  People would have a higher variety
of what they wanted to watch, and NBC would get more viewers.
Everyone is happy!

4) Better announcers.  John Tesh had absolutely no clue about
gymnastics.  That's not his fault, he's not a gymnast.  Get rid of
him.  Whatever her name was that covered the diving, she was
completely biased toward the Americans.  That's not completely her
fault, she has a right to opinion.  The biggest crime is that NBC used
these people, people who either had no idea to what they were covering
or were too biased toward the home team.  Idea: Get rid of Tesh,
replace him with Mary Lou.  Get rid of whats-her-name and bring in
Greg Lougainis.  We get better coverage, viewers learn more about the
sport, and we get the WHOLE story, not just America's highlights.

5) Better use of 3 networks.  MSNBC and CNBC showed none of the
Olympics.  If they showed a third of the sports on NBC, a third on
MSNBC, and leased the rest out to other networks, they would make
MASSIVE amounts of dough and would provider viewers with a greater

6) DROP THE SOAPS DURING THE OLYMPICS.  During the Olympics I caught
the flu and went home, and was mortified to see that they Olympics
weren't being shown so I could see "My boyfriend is a girl."  That is
sickening.  Yes, some people want to see that.  MOST DON'T.  During
the Olympics is not the time.

7) Less use of the "target audience" programming.  Anyone notice that
the majority of events were "graceful, included women, and included
stories."  Guess what, NBC did that.  NBC decided that the only people
that watch the Olympics are the same people that watch Soaps and Talk
shows, so it was completely geared toward them.  Write to NBC, tell
them that the majority of us aren't like that.