Chinese Swimming

Chinese Swimming

Post by Zi-Wei Ya » Tue, 25 Oct 1994 06:44:02

>Perhaps Zi-Wei Yang should learn about Netiquette before posting.  It is
>common courtesy not to quote an entire post when your response will be
>(in length) a small fraction of the original post.

>: Anyone who read Reuter's report about how IAAF conducted surprise test
>: to Ma's Army in China will laugh at this poster's ignorance, well, in
>: my opinion at the same time they should also give some credit to his
>: active imagination, too active, maybe.
>Perhaps you could refute my article point by point using quotes from the
>Reuters article.

I won't bother to type the article here ( you can find it in World Journal),
This kind of defence will become endless, I have already had enough
experience in

Disclaimer: my following points are made only in respect to the topic of
surprise test, which Mr. Simmons started.

And you're talking about Netiquette. Good. Let me tell you something about
etiquette. Ignorance is not a shame, but being ignorant and don't want to
hit the library to do some reading before posting is called arrogance.Being
ignorant and then defame others publicly is called shamelessness. Attack/
slander Chinese only for his own entertainment is called SHAMELESSNESS.
( Your own words: We do it for fun.)

If you're really that void, I recommand you start a new thread called " US
athletes doping discussion" , should be interesting enough to keep this
newsgroup from stagnancy.I just read an article in t and f mailing list :

     Does anyone remember the 1983 Pan Am Games In Caracus?  There were
     about 15 positive doping violations.  Around fif*** of US athletes
     left the games before their competitions start!  The one who got got
     were weightlifters and such and the ones who left were T&F athletes.  
     Next year in 1984 Olympic no positive samples even Ben J. who got
     bronze in 100m.