Atlanta '96 : Pro cyclists in ?

Atlanta '96 : Pro cyclists in ?

Post by ser » Wed, 19 Aug 1992 08:06:55

Thomas H. Kunich wirtes:

>Harry Phinney writes:

>>: Doesn't Danny Clark already have an Olympic silver medal?

>>Yes.  1972 1000 m Time Trial.  His countryman, John Nicolson,
>>also won a silver in the match sprints that year.

>Please note that this was 20 !!! years ago and that Danny is
>still going strong as strong can get. Old timers of the world

He raced at Super Week in July.  I saw in Velo News that he had at least
one top ten.  Not bad for a guy who must be at least 40 and broke his hip
(or something major) a few years ago during a Six-day.

Paul Sery
Albuquerque, NM