Centennial Olympic Park Brick Program

Centennial Olympic Park Brick Program

Post by OlympiC » Tue, 15 Nov 1994 18:15:04

Please note that the following is not "official" ACOG correspondence,
simply a retyping and excerpt from the Home Depot order form for the
Olympic Bricks:

The Centennial Olympic Brick Program is a way for everyone to take part in
the hundredth anniversary of the Olympic Games by helping to construct a
beautiful commemorative park in downtown Atlanta while supporting the U.S.
Olympic Team and the 1996 Olympic Games.

Through the program, you can adopt a brick for a $35 tax-free,
tax-deductible contribution (* see below).  Each brick you adopt will be
engraved to your specifications.  You can personalize bricks for yourself,
your friends, or your family members.  There are lots of possibilities.

Whenever possible, bricks ordered together will stay together in the park.
 Once the park project is completed, a directory will be developed to make
locating your bricks easy.  And you'll receive a keepsake certificate to
verify your contribution to the Centennial Olympic Park.

You can adopt your bricks today at any Home Depot, a proud partner of the
1996 Olympic Games.  Fill out the order form (no more than two lines, up
to 14 characters each, including spacing) and then pay for your bricks at
the check-out.  Or, if you'd like, you can call 1-800-4-96-BRICK (or in
Atlanta, call 222-PARK) and order over the Home Depot Brick Hotline
anytime.  You can also mail your order form in with your payment.
Whatever you do, order soon because the bricks are in limited supply.

Adopting an Olympic Brick is a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of
the Centennial Olympic Games in America.  Your participation is a
guarantee that you'll be a part of Olympic history.

For more information, contact the Centennial Olympic Park Brick Program by
mail at Post Office Box 2547, Atlanta, GA 30301.2547  USA.

* Your payment does not entitle you to receive any bricks, but rather is a
charitable contribution to The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games for
the Centennial Olympic Park to support the U.S. Olympic Team and the 1996
Olympic Games.  For each $35 contribution, an engraved brick(s) will be
placed in the Centennial Olympic Park project.  As any benefits given in
return for the contribution are considered "incidental," the full amount
is deductible for Federal tax purposes.

and may or may not reflect those held by my
employer!  For "official" Olympic information,
write ACOG, Box 1996, Atlanta, GA 30301 - USA