My first death

My first death

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> I lost a baby corn born on 5/18/04 Very Sad. No reason I can figure out.
> Feed last night. Found dead today after he regurtutated food.

> Sting

You must have given him too much to handle.  Don't mourn "him" too
long though.  Maybe your death will follow soon for your sins of

My first death

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> > I lost a baby corn born on 5/18/04 Very Sad. No reason I can figure out.
> > Feed last night. Found dead today after he regurtutated food.

> > Sting

> You must have given him too much to handle.  Don't mourn "him" too
> long though.  Maybe your death will follow soon for your sins of
> incarceration.

This is why I stopped posting. I felt like I was doing that. ^



My first death

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Angleton, sanctioned by the CIA Director himself.

Next up for Hersh was the story of the downing of KAL 700. This
was the curious case of the Korean Air Liner shot down over
Russian air space after having drifted off course. Many suspected
that, as with the My Lai case, there was more here than met the
eye. The long length of time that the plane had been off course,
as well as its failure to respond to signals, led some to believe
that the Russians had no choice but to shoot down the plane. In
fact, many articles appeared, for example in The Nation, to
support that thesis. The Reagan administration wanted to portray
the incident as an example of Soviet barbarity (shades of
Basulto's Brothers to the Rescue). They, and specifically Jeanne
Kirkpatrick, treated the downing as a great propaganda victory.
In his book, The Target Is Destroyed, Hersh ended up siding with
the administration.

Which brings us to the nineties. Everyone knows that the broad
release of Oliver Stone's JFK in 1992 put the Kennedy
assassination back into play. The pre-release attack against the
film was unprecedented in movie history. That's because it was
more than just a movie. It was a message, with powerful political
overtones that dug deeply into the public psyche: a grand
political *** had killed the last progressive president.

That Vietnam would have never happened if Kennedy had lived. That
JFK was working for accommodation with Castro at the time of his
death. That the country has not really been the same since.
The preemptive strike was successful in slowing up the film's
momentum out of the starting block. But the movie did increase
the number of people who believe the case was a *** into
the ninety-percent range. The following year, in anticipation of
the 30th anniversary of the ***, Gerald Posner got the jump on
the critics with his specious book on the case. The media hailed
him as a truth-teller. Th


My first death

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a reverse domino effect: ". . . they all fall down." The
United States of America is not immune to the laws of history.
Prostitution of and by the United Nations

To the same effect was Security Council Resolution 1500 of 14 August
2003, which "Welcomes the establishment of the" U.S. puppet-council in
Iraq under Chicago's pro-Israeli Straussian Neo-Con CIA asset Chalabi,
and established the so-called United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq
(UNAMI), whose headquarters in Baghdad was promptly car-bombed five days
later.50 Security Council Resolutions 1441 (2002), 1472 (2003), and 1500
(2003) just go to prove how subservient the United Nations Organization
itself has become to the imperialist enterprises of the United States
government.51 Corrupting and corroding world order wherever it goes.
Throughout this sordid affair, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan
basically operated as an errand-boy for the United States government
despite the requirements of Chapter XV of the U.N. Charter establishing
the U.N. Secretariat as one


My first death

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of the United Nations Charter and the
Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact as well as the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and
Principles - a Crime against Peace. Iraq should immediately be placed
under the direct control and supervision of a United Nations Trusteeship
under Chapter XII of the U.N. Charter. A real and independent United
Nations Peacekeeping Force should be deployed to Iraq under the auspices
of the U.N. General Assembly (not the U.S. co-opted U.N. Security
Council) pursuant to its powers under the Uniting for Peace Resolution
(1950). The U.S. and U.K. aggressor military occupation forces should be
removed immediately from Iraq. This is exactly what happened in the 1956
Middle East "war" when the U.N. General Assembly deployed the United
Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) to the Sinai in order to facilitate the
withdrawal of aggressor military forces by the United Kingdom, France
and Israel that had illegally attacked and invaded Egypt in their joint
and severable Nuremberg Crime against Peace for the purpose of
inflicting "regime change" against Egyptian President Nasser.62

The Bush Jr. pro-consul in Iraq Paul Bremer and his Iraqi puppet council
under the pro-Israeli Chicago Straussian Neo-Con CIA asset Chalabi
should be replaced by a U.N. Transitional Authority reporting directly
to the U.N. Trusteeship Council (not the U.S. co-opted U.N. Security
Council) in accordance with Chapter XIII of the U.N. Charter. The Iraqi
People can then proce


My first death

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top secret project of Random House, handled by Bob Loomis.

Needless to say, Loomis was Hersh's editor at Random House on
both his My Lai books. David Halberstam, in The Powers That Be,
noted that it was Loomis who put Hersh in contact with St. George
and Sturgis during Watergate (p. 681). According to his
secretary, Loomis worked closely with Hersh on The Target Is
Destroyed. Certainly, one of the most ridiculous statements made
by Hersh would be music to Loomis' ears. Hersh's Holy Grail on
the assassination ***, the cinching piece of the puzzle,
would be "a reel of tape of Oswald getting briefed by Giancana"
(Anson p. 120). With what serious people have learned about
Oswald today, through work by Phil Melanson, John Newman, and
John Armstrong, this is preposterous. The Blakey-Davis whim about
the Mafia hiring a "hit man" who couldn't hit the side of a barn
and used a $12.95 bolt action rifle to do the job, went out the
window when the HSCA closed down. But "crack" reporter Hersh
still buys into it. As he does the idea that Sirhan killed Bobby
Kennedy, proven by the fact that he wrote a blurb praising Dan
Moldea's 1995 whitewash of that case.

Behind all the sordid details of these articles there is a bigger
picture to be outlined. One of the main parts of it is the
increasing ascendancy of tabloid journalism into the major media
outlets, and with it, its conc


My first death

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My first death

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My first death

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My first death

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