Curt Browning to get gold medal

Curt Browning to get gold medal

Post by Melvin Klass » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 04:34:36

After Curt Browning's out-of-the-medal performance at the Lillehammer Olympics,
some of his fans in Halifax asked that Canadian citizens send their unused gold
(chains, rings, etc.) to them, with the idea that the gold would be melted down,
and reformed into a "gold-medal" for him.

On April 8th, in Halifax, Curt will accept this token from his fans.

The total collection was over 10 pounds in weight,
and, after refining, the medal will be over 3 pounds.
(He will get all of the contributed material.)

Thanks, Curt, for 4 world-championships, and a great amateur career.