Lillehammer helps Lahtis in 2006 bid

Lillehammer helps Lahtis in 2006 bid

Post by Erik Bom » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 16:50:06

Lillehammer has agreed to help Lahtis (Finland) stage the events Lahtis cannot
stage itself in an attempt to get the 2006 Winter Games.
There are no mountains in the Lahtis area, so Lillehammer would be site for
downhill skiing, bob and luge.

Audun Tron, the mayor of Lillehammer says: "We must make it clear that Lahtis
will be the host city, and not Lillehammer. That way we will not jeopardize a future
Lillehammer bid for the 2010 Winter Games or later".

Liillehammer and Lahtis have also agreed to mutually support each others bids
for the 2001 World Championships in skiing. Lahtis has already applied for the
Nordic WC, while Lillehammer is considering a bid for the Alpine WC.

(Source: NTB)

My comment: It will be interesting to see if the IOC is willing to take such a bid
seriously, since their policy until now has been to reject joint bids by cities far apart.
(The Swedes know all about this ;-)

Erik Boman