FS: "Olympics" out-of-print Books

FS: "Olympics" out-of-print Books

Post by Jim Sincla » Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:17:59

"Olympics" out-of-print Books

I have the following out-of-print "Olympics" Books for sale:
Prices US plus postage.

* I have for sale the out-of-print, hardcover, 1st. edition "Olympics 1984"
prestented by Philips, printed in London England. The book contains 144
pages of text as well as full-colour photographs and stats, stories, and
records of the athletes. There is also a complete 9 page section included,
"20 Years Of Gold Medals 1964-1984" listing records shown for the Olympic
Gold Metal Winners for every event covered in the last 20 years of the
Olympic Games.
This out-of-print edition is in MINT condition.
Price $35.

* I have for sale "The Official Commemorative Book Of The XV Olympic
Winter Games" (Calgary 1988) by Lloyd Robertson and Brian D. Johnson. This
attractive 214 page commemorative out-of-print, hardcover edition contains
the Olympic facts, stats, and full-colour photos of the XV Olympic Games
held in Calgary Alberta, Canada in 1988.
This hardcover edition is sanctioned by "The Organization Commitee Of The
XV Olympic Winter Games" and is in MINT condition.
Price $40.

* "Official Olympic Program from the Games Of The XXIIIrd. Olympiad Los
Angeles 1984." This out-of-print, first printing edition contains 322
pages of full-colour photos, profiles and statistics of the 1984 Games,
Los Angeles CA. This out-of-print edition is in MINT condition.
Price $45.

* I have for the out-of-print, harcover, 1st. edtion "The Los Angeles Times
Book of the 1984 Olympic Games". The edition contains 192 pages of text as
well as black and white, and full-colour photographs dealing with the 1984
Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California. The book includes individual
and team records, medal winners, statistics, and standings.
In addition, two introductory essays-a fasinating one on history and birth
of the modern Games and a nostalgic look at Los Angeles's first Olympic
experience in 1932-provide important background for appreciating the
special nature of Olympic competition.
This 1st. edition hardcover is in MINT condition.
Price $30.

* I have for sale the out-of-print Hardcover 1st. edition book: "Montreal
1976 Official Album". The book contains "304 pages pages of facinating
reading. More than 275 photos and illistrations. Statistics. All the
Olympic champions from 1896 to 1972. This album is your passport to the XXI
Olympiad." This edition is written in both the french and English languge
and is in MINT condition.
Price $35.

* "Munich 72" this out-of-print, 1st. edition hardcover contains 200 pages
of text, full-colour photos and team and individual statistics. This
unique, out-of-print hardcover edition is written in English, French and
German. The edition is in good condition.
price $30.

* I have for sale the out-of-print, hardcover, edition of "Share The Flame:
The Official Retrospective Book of the Olympic Torch Relay".
This large 224 page book contains colour photos and text.
Excerpt form fron jacket:
 "You are about to share an astonishing experience.
For 88 days in the winter of 1987-1988, the Olympic flame was carried
across Canada, passed proudly from runner to runner in the longest
Olympic relay ever. This book is about that relay and some of the nearly
7,000 lottery winners and chosen Canadians who advanced the torch,
kilometre by kilometre, from St. John's, Newfoundland to Calgary,
Alberta, where it burned throughout the XV Winter games. It carries you
along  with the torch on its 18,000 kilometre trek".
This book is in MINT condition.
Price $35.

* "The Complete Book of the Olympics" : "Fasinating, dramatic, and bizzare
stories form Olympic history. Final results for EVERY Olympic Event since
1986. Full coverage of the 1984 Summer and Winter Games" by David
Wallechinsky. 683 pages with black and white photos, 1984 trade edition.
MINT Condition. $20.

* "Sports and Games in the Ancient World" by: Vera Olivova (hardcover) 208
pages with color photos  pub. 1984  MINT Condition $30.

* I have for sale the 1972 out-of-print, hardcover edition of "Athletic
Sportsgraph" by Harold Abrahams. This book printed in great Britian bears
Olympics Crest and is an "Official Publication of the British Olympic
Excerpt from front jacket:
 "This book represents the harvest of a lifetime's knowledge of the
international athletics scene. It is both a hostory of the modern Olympic
Games and a wide-ranging survey of British, Commenwealth and European
athletics during this century. There are thirty-seven individual sections
devoted to the various men's and women's track and field events, with
introductory sections to each main group of events; and the book ends
with with a section of principal records and record-breakers in the
World, Olympics, European, Commenwealth and United Kingdom classes".
This out-of-print, hardcover edition is in MINT condition.
Price $30.

* I have for sale the autobiography book "Road To The Olympus" by one- time
Russian hockey coach Anatoli Tarasov. This out-of-print, harcover book was
printed in Canada in 1969 and deals with: "Russian Hockey Coach Tarasov,
Tells How To Win The Olympics". The book contains 172 pages of text as
well as black & white photos. It is written entirely in the English
language and tells of the Russian perspective on Olympic Hockey.
This hardcover book is in near mint condition.
Price $35.

* "Guide To The 1994 Winter Olympics." This 32 page booklet includes
black and white photos of the events as well a a description of how each
event is performed at the 1994, 17th. Winter Olympics in Lillehammer
Norway. MINT condition.
Price $12.

* Promo Edition of "Calgary '88 Olympics Wintergames Television
Factbook". This book contains Olympic televised times and facts of all the
events of the Calgary '88 Winter Games, ie: the book lists and pictures
all the calls of Olympic Hockey with a refree showing the hand-signs, List
all the compulsory dances in Ice-Skating, etc.
The fact-book is a product of Shell Oil Co.
MINT condition.
Price $18.

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