94 summer Olympics

94 summer Olympics

Post by Bettina Hel » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 19:35:00

RL>: From some things I heard, they *tried* to put this rule in place for the
RL>: 1994 Winter Olympics -- skaters like Lily Lyoonjung Lee weren't supposed
RL>: to be able to compete at the Olympics at all. But something happened
RL>: (major protests? unexpected injuries? significant pullouts?), and when
RL>: the Olympics opened, there was Lily.

RL>I am sorry, but I am not familiar with the episode that you were
RL>mentioning. Please elaborate if possible.

I don't know the details either. What I remember is this: shortly after
'93 Worlds, there was some discussion on the nets and in print of
exactly which countries would or would not get to send skaters to the
Olympics as a result of the competition. There was general agreement
that any country which had sent entrants last year that had placed below
the top ten, and whose entrant(s) withdrew from the competition this
year, would forfeit its slot (Alice-Sue Claeys, and a pairs team skating
for I think Greece). There was some mention that a lone entrant
eliminated in the qualification rounds would also forfeit the chance --
in 1993, Worlds used the qual rounds for the first time to get the field
down to 24 competitors in singles skating. To the best of my
recollection, Lily Lee, the only (and first-ever?) entrant from South
Korea, didn't make the cut. But Lily *did* get to go to the Olympics,
and there were definitely more than 24 men and women competing at
Lillehammer. Maybe some of the smaller and/or "new" countries got
together and pressured the ISU?

It's also not clear whether the World Championships will continue to use
qualification rounds as an elimination process -- there is a lot of
dissatisfaction with the results, particularly among the smaller

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