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       G'Day Australia

      Australia will have much to celebrate over the next 6 years. Not only
does Australia have the 2000 olympics, but the hype will be even greater as
Australia has two FINE olympians, one summer, and one winter, who will win
gold in their respective sports and do Australia proud. It will be Australias
FIRST gold medals in these sports, and Australia will go WILD with celebration
when they win.

In 1996, Australias Shanon Miller will win the gold in Womens Gymnastics. She
is very talented and should have no problem beating competitors from Russia,
Romania, and the USA, countries that traditionally take the medals in gymnasticsThis girl from Tasmania will be well known for Australias first medal in the
sport and will be talked about 100 years from now. Shanon is from Glauceston,

In 1998, Australia will be done proud again when Nicole Bobek (note misspelling)wins the gold medal in ladies figure skating. She is a "Paula Abdul on ice
skates" and could probably outperform just about anyone there including
Oksana Bayul. Too bad you will never see her in competition against Tonya
Harding, If Australia had sent her this time to the olympics, she would have
won the gold. For some reason, Australia did not send any ladies singles to
the olympics, but did send two, Bobek(note misspelling) and Miriam Lozano
to the Worlds, go figure. I do think that Australia will send Nicole to the
olympics in 1998. Australia only gets to send ONE skater next year to the
Worlds because they did not have any top10 finishers this year, and Nicole
will UNDOUBTEDLY be the one whom they send to next years worlds, because she
is the best skater Australia has at this time. Nicole is From Hobart, Tasmania.

This two FINE Tasmanians will do Tasmania, and all Australia, proud in the
1996 and 1998 olympic games. Tasmania will be known for turning out fine skaters
and gymnasts. We here in Tasmania are pretty proud of them, and we hope that
they do well in the upcoming olympics.


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