USOC Athletes of the Year - This Guy's Opinion

USOC Athletes of the Year - This Guy's Opinion

Post by PhillyS » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 09:10:09

Now that the year in Olympic sports is in the final turn heading for home,
pretty soon the US Olympic Committee will be selecting its Sportsman and
Sportswoman of the Year.  I figured I'd chip in with my top 5 for each
category, with the award to be handed out in the first week of January,
1995.  This is based on performances up until last week:

1. (tie) Dan Jansen (need you ask why?) & Leroy Burrell (correct me if I'm
wrong, the guy who broke the world record in the men's 100m dash this
3. Tommy Moe {Moe'd 'em down in Lillehammer - take that, EM Swift!}  :)
4. Pete Sampras (yes, he's eligible; the best tennis player on the planet)

5. US World Cup Soccer Team (for making it to second round of WC '94)

1.  Bonnie Blair (no contest - the Ali of US winter sports; the greatest
of <all> time)
2.  Shannon Miller (5 golds at disorganized and lousy Goodwill Games is
still 5 golds)
3.  Gwen Torrence (still grates on me for shooting-mouth-off-itis in
Barcelona (everybody's doping except me and another runner) but had banner
year in 100 and 200m)
4.  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (still the best heptathlete around)
5.  Nancy Kerrigan (backlash due to poor sportsmanship after losing to
Baiul and conduct after she returned from Norway - Picabo Street may edge
NK here)

Anyone else who would like to sumbit a top 5 of their own or any comments
on <this> list, all opinions are welcomed.

Paul Hanlin, Jr.