Chinese Athlete Factories and others..(Was NBC coverage)

Chinese Athlete Factories and others..(Was NBC coverage)

Post by Sivaram Harihara » Wed, 05 Aug 1992 04:20:35

Yet another show of arrogance by the US-media. yesterday in the
evening by ABC, derogatory references were made to the Chinese
training facilities to young kids in the field of gymnastics and
other competetive events. These facilities were derogatorily
referred to as factories and also reference were made to drug
use by the Chinese athletes.

It was done in a very bad taste, and I wouldn't be surprised if
in the future, petitions are made to the Chinese Govt. by the
Amnesty International to stop _Child Abuse_ at these facilities.
:-):-)........How further can one go to put down the achievements
of athletes from other countries.

Does the American media realize that the right to dream for an
Olympic gold is not the prerogative of the US-athletes alone.
The athletes from other countries have also busted their
asses to reach here and are not fools to be sent to the podium
to spar against these media-hyped-super-human-demi-god-US-athletes.
need one say more...

Siva,[dreading about the media in the 96 Atlanta Olympics]