NBC Coverage Somewhat Better

NBC Coverage Somewhat Better

Post by Ken Kaufm » Sat, 01 Aug 1992 02:21:41

Maybe they've heard some complaints and taken them to heart.  Maybe
we'll be lucky the rest of the way.  But NBC's Wednesday night coverage
was noticibly improved over previous shows.

Not so say that there were still some major shortcomings.  There was far
too much fluff.  The pointless music video.  Enough medal ceremonies to
drive me star-spangled bananas.  And inexplicably no mention or highlights
of the US soccer team who finished their visit to Barcelona with a most
respectable record.

   BTW, my latest sports fantasy:  I've just won the gold and the
   interviewer comes up to me.  I say, "Tell the producer not to bother
   showing the medal ceremony.  Do something useful with the time.  Show
   some shooting or soccer or table tennis or some athletes from Bolivia or
   Guam or Iceland or somewhere that doesn't get a lot of coverage here."

But plusses on the night:

They gave full coverage to the Men's 400 freestyle, an exciting race, in
spite of a lack of US entrants, let alone contenders.

A big segment on equestrian for a change - The Course From Hell.

The diving commentator was still extremely annoying, but she was not
so blatantly anti-Chinese in her remarks.

A closing feature on an amazing foreign athlete, the Siberian wrestler
whose opponents would rather lie on their backs and concede (no more
ethical than feigning gymnastics injuries IMHO) than face the prospect
of being body-slammed by him.  (Ironically, there was a comment on the
radio this morning about the springboard diving champion who had been a
wrestler.  They said that the two sports were among the most incompatible
they could think of.  Obviously, these announcers hadn't seen some of
Karrelin's opponents!)

Actually, it seemed like NBC was going for a comic Agony-Of-Defeat
evening.  Between the equestrian and wrestling segments, we also got to
see US gymnasts do passable Wile E. Coyote impressions, high and
lowlights from the USA-Cuba baseball comedy of (a total of nine) errors,
and one real-live belly-flop from the diving venue.  I guess nobody in
the shooting competition had the barrel of their gun explode; if that
had happened, I'm sure NBC would have been there.

Meanwhile, the Triplecast is selling so well (NOT!) that NBC is cutting prices
on single-day and weekend (no, I still won't buy!) packages and  is showing
two promotional evenings of simultaneous Quadcast (Red, White, Blue, Peacock)
on CNBC.  I think I heard that split-screen coverage begins there tonight at 6