Track Finals and More Track Finals

Track Finals and More Track Finals

Post by Al Sincla » Tue, 23 Jul 1996 04:00:00

 I have single tickets to the last 14 Track Finals for $345,
 to the last 9 Track Finals for $265, and to the 5 Finals
 that are scheduled for the next-to-last day for $80.

 These tickets are class A tickets.  At 630 PM on the evening
 of Saturday, August 03, the last day of Track and Field
 competition except fot the Mens Marathon, you will see
 all four relay races (Mens and Womens 4 by 100 and 4 by 400),
 both Metric Miles (Mens and Womens 1500 m. Runs), the Womens
 High Jump, the Mens Javelin, and the Mens 5,000 m. Run.

 At 5 PM on Friday evening, August 02, you will see Finals
 of the Mens Pole Vault and 3,000 Meter Steeplechase and the
 Womens Shot Put and 10,000 Meter Run.  You will also see
 semifinals of the relay races.

 If your are interested in one or both tickets, send me some

 1996-07-22 7 PM Eastern Time