Olympian, John Coyle, needs your support!

Olympian, John Coyle, needs your support!

Post by Perry Friedm » Thu, 21 Apr 1994 05:23:27

Some of you may remember my posting prior to the Olympics regarding
Mr. Coyle and his hardships.  Well, the "bad ice" at the Olympics kept him
from excelling in the individual events and may have cost the US a gold medal
in the relay, but John did manage to come home with a silver medal from the
relay.  He now has his sites set on 1998.  Unfortunately, there is a long
row to hoe between here and there and money is part of the picture.  

Many people don't fully appreciate the trials and tribulations that Olympics
athletes must go through and while I won't bore you with the details of his
day to day training, for athletes in the lower profile sports, there is little
payoff besides personal satisfaction.  In particular, they must endure quite
a large financial burden with little financial reward.  While long track
skaters Bonnie Blair and Dan Jansen are raking in the big bucks in advertising,
John and other short track skaters are still toiling in relative obscurity.
Cathy Turner brought a lot of attention to short track, it must be said, but
not necessarily POSITIVE attention... and still most of America can probably
not name another short track skater.  

John is pretty hard up for money right now and any donations would be greatly
appreciated.  Donations are fully tax deductible and I have no financial
interest in this whatsoever.  I am just good friends with Mr. Coyle and I want
to see him succeed and return to the Olympics in 1998 and this time come home
with some gold.  But if he can't afford to train, he can't put off a "real
world" career for another four years.  While he has a bachelors from Stanford
University, he can not put his education to work since no job to which his
degree would be relevant will let him take off enough time to train and travel
and compete as much as he must in order to be an Olympic athlete.  Thus,
John mostly finds himself employed at jobs such as bussing tables in order to
make enough money to live on.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to:

USISA Treasurer, Maggie Immerfall
214 Glenway St.
Madison, WI 53705

Make the check payable to "USISA" and in the "memo" or "for" section, put in
"John Coyle".

He will be VERY appreciative of any help he can get!