Post by Larry Ehm » Sat, 05 Dec 1992 06:05:14

The November issue of my Olympic pin newsletter, PIN MARKETPLACE, has a
selection of 1992 and 1988 pins at 'stocking-stuffer' prices.  I've also
included a large assortment of Misha Bear pins from the 1980 Moscow
Olympics.  I have priced every pin in this issue at $2.50 to $5.00 so that
everyone has a chance to start a collection, or help a special someone
start one of their own.

If you'd like to get a FREE issue of my newsletter and have the chance to
get in on the Olympic pin e***ment with some very low-priced pins, just
send me some email with your land mail address.  Your newsletter will be in
the mail the next morning.  My newsletter includes xerox copies of the
pins, as well as descriptions of them so you'll have a pretty good idea
what they look like.

I hope to hear from you.  

Happy collecting,

Larry Ehmer