Volunteering for the 1996 Olympics information

Volunteering for the 1996 Olympics information

Post by John Kess » Thu, 09 Mar 1995 18:34:42

Many folks have written USA Volleyball for information on
volunteering at the 1996 Olympic Games for volleyball.  You
should contact:

The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
Volunteer Processing Center
PO Box 105276
Atlanta, GA 30348

Request a volunteer application and include a stamped, self-addressed 9x12 envelope, and maek your application request just
one sentence long.  They do not need to read how amazing you'll be for them in
this first letter...save it for the application!

In talking with USAV member Jim Stewart, who is in charge of the
indoor competition and who lives in Atlanta, the vast majority of
the volunteer posititions will be given to Atlanta and Georgia
residents, as part of the commitment to the area who is helped
bring the games there.  Jobs that are unique or require a
specialist that cannot be found in the area will be given to
applicants from outside the city/state.  Translators or
key competition venue tasks are examples. Officials, referees to floor
wipers, need to be trained and certified by the FIVB and USAV International
Referee Wink Davenport, during the test matches there August 1995. No
lodging/transportation help will be provided, in order to reduce the workload
on ACOG staffing in this huge overall volunteer task.  You'll need tofind
family/friend help to have a base of operations there.  That is what I know
folks did who helped us in 1984 in Los Angeles.

As an aside, there also is the Paralympics, held a couple of
weeks later (I have already posted this info and it is now on the Volleyball
World Wide server), where Jim felt his volunteer pool might be
diminished/tired enough that outside the area openings might exist.  Make a
point on your application that the Paralympics also interest you, if you are
so inclined.

John Kessel USA Volleyball Director of Programs
FIVB Technical Commission Secretary
1 Olympic Plaza / Colorado Springs, CO 80909  
FAX (719) 597-6307  Ph (719) 637-8300  

URL:  http://www.cup.hp.com/~vball/usav/jkessel.html