Triathlon in the Olympics

Triathlon in the Olympics

Post by JBDrift » Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:00:00

RunnersWeb Ken Parker writes:>Do the world class triathletes who competed in

last year's ITU circuit

>and World Cup Championship know that they are not "real" triathletes"?

>Can you name a women triathlete who could have stopped the Australian

You know well enough that the drafting version of triathlon penalizes, rather
than rewards, individual effort on the bike.  This made for TV version of the
traditional sport of triathlon is now derisively referred to as "triterium",
among other things not printable on this NG.

Could someone have run down the Australian women?  I guess we won't know this
until they get out and try a race based upon individual effort.  I believe
there is one in this year's USTS series of World Cup races (Madison, WI?)  When
the participants have to individually race the bike portion, and stay out of
the pack and not draft or be DQ'd, the run becomes a trues barometer of who
really has it.

None of this anti-drafting dialogue is a slap at the athletes, but at the
people behind the scene who manipulate events for their own benefit.



Triathlon in the Olympics

Post by David W » Sat, 28 Mar 1998 04:00:00


> Do the triathletes who competed in the ITU World Cup races lat year
> know that they are not "real triathletes"?

Perhaps not, but even if they are not "real triathlets" that does
not mean they are not exceptional athletes.

> Could any "real triathletes" have stopped the Australian sweep of the
> World Cup Championship race?

Irrelevant. Triteriums (draft-legal races) are very different from
traditional triathlons. Comparing the results is pointless. It
requires exceptional skills to excell at either. And, some athletes
are able to excell at both - more power to them.

> Can you name a non-drafting race where no drafting took place?

Of course, that is impossible as there are too many athletes with
no integrity. But, that is why there are draft marshalls...

If you really want to hear some heated opinions, visit the newsgroup.



> On Sun, 22 Mar 1998 15:17:53 -0800, marjorie milliken

> >In my opinion it is truly unfortunate that the triathlon scheduled to
> >be in the 2000 olympics has incorporated drafting on the
> >bike to make it "more exciting". This decision does not
> >reflect the will of almost all of the triathlon world, will
> >affect the equipment used, will cause sponsorship confusion,
> >and added costs to governing bodies.
> >In hope that this fracture will be cured sooner rather
> >than later, I have built a web site. There is a free
> >"real triathletes don't draft" animated gif as well
> >as a fun and funny Shockwave game.

David Wuth
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Triathlon in the Olympics

Post by Registered Owne » Sat, 04 Apr 1998 04:00:00

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