FS: 1990 "Speed Trap" (Ben Johnson) 1st Edition Hardcover Book

FS: 1990 "Speed Trap" (Ben Johnson) 1st Edition Hardcover Book

Post by J.R. Sincla » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 15:11:05

1990 "Speed Trap" (Ben Johnson) 1st Edition Hardcover Book

I have for sale the out-of-print, 1st edition hardcover book "Speed Trap"
(A Track Coachs' Explosive Account Of How The Worlds' Greatest Athletes Win
With ***) by Ben Johnson's Olympic Coach Charlie Francis (1990). The
edition contains 306 pages with balck and white photographs profiling the
drug use in Olympic sports.
Front Jacket Excerpt:
"On September 24, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea, Canadian sprint coach
Charlie Francis reached his life's highest moment. In the Olympic 100 meter
dash, his prize pupil Ben Johnson-whom Francis had discoved as a shy, frail
adolescent eleven years earlier-leaped out of the starting blocks and blew
away a brilliant group of sprinters that included Carl Lewis. But two days
later, in a shocking announcement, the International Olympic Committee
stripped Johnson of his gold medal because he tested positive for a banned
anabolic steroid. Was Ben Johnson the exception?"
The 1990 "Speed Trap" (Ben Johnson) 1st edition hardcover book is in MINT
Price $15. US plus postage

Please include your "postal mailing address" so I can calculate postage
costs to your destination. Thank you


FS: 1990 "Speed Trap" (Ben Johnson) 1st Edition Hardcover Book

Post by J.R. Sincla » Sat, 11 Dec 2004 14:41:39

the limit. The "diary of secrets," so
reminiscent of Mary Meyer (discussed in Part One of this article)
would suggest Angleton.

Capell was drawn up on charges in 1965. The charges were rather
fatal to the tale told in his RFK pamphlet: *** to commit
libel. One would have thought this discreditation was enough to
impale the tale. And it probably would have been had it not been
for Norman Mailer. In 1973, Mailer published a book, Marilyn,
(really a photo essay) with the assistance of longtime FBI asset
on the Kennedy assassination Larry Schiller. He recirculated the
tale again, inserting a new twist. He added the possibility that
the FBI and/or the CIA might have been involved in the *** in
order to blackmail Bobby ( p. 242). In 1973, pre-Rupert Murdoch,
the media had some standards. Mailer was excoriated for his
baseless ruminations. In private, he admitted he did what he did
to help pay off a tax debt. He also made a similar confession in
public. When Mike Wallace asked him on 60 Minutes (7/13/73) why
he had to trash Bobby Kennedy, Mailer replied "I needed money
very badly."

Swallowing Slatzer

The worst thing about Mailer's money-grubbing antics was that it
gave an alley to run through