USOC News Nov 4

USOC News Nov 4

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Daily Olympic News Briefs
November 4, 1994
(compiled by the USOC's Public Information/Media Relations

USOC Sets Timetable
The USOC has set a timetable to find a replacement for former
Executive Director Dr. Harvey Schiller. USOC President Dr. LeRoy
Walker said that applications and nominations will be accepted
until Dec. 31. A decision will then be made by next March. John
Krimsky, Jr. is the Interim Executive Director. Story appeared in
today's USA Today and for further information or full release,
contact the USOC's Public Information/Media Relations division,
(719) 578-4529.

Buy A Brick??
Anyone can buy a brick and have their name imprinted on it for
$35. The brick will be used in the design of Centennial Olympic
Park. The Home Depot will be announcing this campaign. The park
is in the heart of the Olympic area for the 1996 Olympic Games.
Short clip appeared in today's USA Today.

Olympic Restaurant
The USOC has accused Spiros Nakos of copyright infringement.
Nakos' 10-table eatery is called Olympic Restaurant and includes
the five Olympic rings. The USOC has sent Nakos several letters
which warned him to discontinue his use of the word "Olympic." He
is one of 40,000 businesses that have received similar letters.
Full story ran on AP wire, Nov. 3.

Yachting Cancelled
High winds causes the cancellation of the yesterday's ocean
racing and shortened the International America's Cup Class World
Championship to four races. Yesterday's race was actually a make-
up of a postponed race from last Saturday. Today's race will be
the final one of the competition. Relevant stories ran on
Reuters, Nov. 3 and 4 and in today's USA Today.

Samaranch Says Decline in ***
IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch stated the international
federations should keep a close eye on training sessions, even
though he claimed that doping by athletes was on the decline.
Story ran on Reuters, Nov. 4.

Israel Joins
Israel has been admitted to the Association of European National
Olympic Committees said IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch. The
news conference was held at the 25th anniversary meeting of
AENOC. Short story ran on Reuters, Nov. 4.

USA Defeats Belarus Again
Terry Brands won two matches at two different weight classes to
lead the United States to a 31-9 victory over Belarus in a World
Dual meet in Blue Springs, Mo. The U.S. took nine of the 11 bouts
contested. Full release and results can be accessed on USOC's EBB
or for further information contact USA Wrestling, (719) 598-8181.


USOC News Nov 4

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Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. I hope you can keep
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