Climbing in the 98 winter games?

Climbing in the 98 winter games?

Post by Tim Schneid » Sat, 30 May 1992 13:46:14

Going for the Gold  (Chambery, FRA)

        Climbing is one of those sports that longs for olympic
recognition.  The international climbing challenge was held in
Chambery FRA, jan 30-31, the week before the start of the winter
olympics in albertville, FRA, in the presence of officials from the
IOC.  To the delight of organisers, it was a resounding success, with
exciting wins by Susi Good (SWI) and Stefan Glowacz (GER).

        At the end of 1992 a candidacy dossier will be filed to the
IOC, which will decide if climbing is to be made an olympic sport.  If
accepted, climbing could make it's debut at the winter games in Kobe
Japan, in 1998.  A crowd of contenders is vying to join the summer
games so application to those seemed futile.

        The international climbing challenge organizers opened the
comp to each country that could field a team.  The format allowed
climbers from Norway, croatioa, Korea, Slovenia, Hungary, Austrailia
and Portugal a chance to participate.

        Seven men and six women made it through the semis and faced
final routes of 8a and 7c.  the pull-up after a big roof was fatal for
Robyn Erbesfield USA, Nanette Raybaud FRA and Andrea Eisenhut GER,
while Lusia Iovane ITA fell below.  Susi Good and Isabelle Patissier
FRA easily reached the top, forcing a superfinal.  They fell at
approx. the same place, but Good touched a little higher for the

        In the men's final, Frederic Nicole SWI and Yuji Hirayama JPN
and Francois Legrand FRA, still not on form after his knee operation
in 1991, reached only the beginning of the roof.  Stefan Furst AUT
climbed one move higher and moved into first.  But then Didier
Raboutou FRA and Stefan Glowacz, climbing powerfully and adroitly,
moved past Furst's high point, eventually succumbing to the problem
posed by the end of the roof.  Raboutou climbed first on the
superfinal 8a+.  He fell at the roof, but had climbed so strongly that
the crowd saw him as the winner.  After the first wall, Glowacz paused
a long time below the roof, studying it.  He reached Raboutou's high
point, then moved higher to take the victory.

        - Christophe Gaillard

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