Informal Poll - Triathlon

Informal Poll - Triathlon

Post by David Wut » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00

Curiosity has gotten the best of me again...  inquiring
minds want to know.

1. Do you know the official distance of the Olympic Triathlon?
2. Does drafting in the Triathlon make it more appealing for
     you to watch?
3. Do you understand what impact drafting has?
4. Do you think the inclusion of Triathlon in the Olympics is
     good or bad for the sport?
5. Do you know who Les McDonald is?
6. Have you ever seen a Triathlon televised, and if so, do you
     remember which one (location, distance, etc)?

Thanks in advance for all replies.  Email or posts are OK.



Informal Poll - Triathlon

Post by SBRob » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00


First, Triathlon is not an official Olympic sport - at least until Sydney
in 2000.  I don't know exact distances for swim and bike, but they are not
like the Ironman distances, more like 1500 meter swim,30-40 km bike, the
run is 10 km.  I was in Sydney during the 1995 World Cup Triathlon in
October - the course is right on the harbor near the famous Sydney Opera

I think it will make a great Olympic event.  The road race in cycling has
drafting so I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to in Triathlon - in
fact, the look of a line of riders tucked in behind a lead bike is quite
exciting - especially on a curving course like the one in Sydney.  I think
the only difficulty with the Sydney layout is that the swim, bike and run
require multiple loops of a very short course and all of the loops end at
the Opera house.  It gets very confusing to figure out who is in the lead
on a course like this.

No idea who Les McDonald is.
Steve Robie