FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

Post by J.R. Sincla » Mon, 06 Dec 2004 16:09:15

"1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

I have for sale the "1992 Winter Olympic" (Factory-Sealed) Collector
Card set. This set contains the complete 200 card collection in an
attractively designed box. Each card contains the Olympic Logo and profiles
the Olympic Events of the Winter Games, 1992. Some of the "Figure Skating"
Athletes featured are: Elvis Stojko, Lisa Sargeant, Kurt Browning, Josee
Chouinard, Isabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler, Chrisine Hough & Doug Ladret,
Michelle MacDonald & Martin Smith, Dara Bailey & Rock Lemay, Penny Mann &
Juan Carlos Noria, Tanya Bingert, Jutta Cossette, Brent Frank and many
more. The set also includes Olympic Hockey, Skiing, Speed Skating, Luge,
and many more winter Olympic events.
The "1992 Winter Olympic" (Factory-Sealed) Collector Card Set is Factory-
Sealed in MINT condition.
Priced $20. US plus postage

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FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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were Minnesota's Walter
Mondale, Colorado's Gary Hart, Tennessee's Howard Baker, and
Pennsylvania's Richard Schweiker.

As writers Kate Olmsted and Loch Johnson have shown, the Church
Committee was obstructed by two of the CIA's most potent allies:
the major media and friendly public figures. In the latter
category, Olmsted especially highlights the deadly role of Henry
Kissinger. But as Victor Marchetti revealed to me, there was also
something else at work behind the scenes. In an interview in his
son's office in 1993, Marchetti told me that he never really
thought the Agency was in danger at that time. He stated that
first, the CIA had infiltrated the staff of Church's committee
and, second, the Agency was intent on giving up documents only in
certain areas. In Watergate terminology, it was a "limited-
hangout" solution to the problem of controlling the damage.

The Escape Route

The issue that had ignited so much public interest in the
hearings had been that of assassination. CIA Director Bill Colby
very clearly drew the line that the CIA had never plotted such
things domestically. Colby's admission was a brilliant tactical
stroke that was not appreciated until much later. First, it put
the focus on the plots against foreign leaders that could be
explained as excesses of anti-communist zealotry (which is
precisely what the drafters of Church's report did). Second, all
probes into the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK would be off-
limits. The Church Committee would now concentrate on the
performance of the intelligence community in investigating the
death of JFK; not complicity in the assassination itself. This
distinction was crucial. As Colby


FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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for Norman Mailer. In 1973, Mailer published a book, Marilyn,
(really a photo essay) with the assistance of longtime FBI asset
on the Kennedy assassination Larry Schiller. He recirculated the
tale again, inserting a new twist. He added the possibility that
the FBI and/or the CIA might have been involved in the *** in
order to blackmail Bobby ( p. 242). In 1973, pre-Rupert Murdoch,
the media had some standards. Mailer was excoriated for his
baseless ruminations. In private, he admitted he did what he did
to help pay off a tax debt. He also made a similar confession in
public. When Mike Wallace asked him on 60 Minutes (7/13/73) why
he had to trash Bobby Kennedy, Mailer replied "I needed money
very badly."

Swallowing Slatzer

The worst thing about Mailer's money-grubbing antics was that it
gave an alley to run through to a man who had actually been at
work before Mailer's book was published. In 1972, Robert Slatzer
approached a writer named Will Fowler. Slatzer had been at work
on an article which posited a *** to *** Monroe. Fowler
read it and was unimpressed. He told Slatzer that had he been
married to Monroe, now that would make a real story. Shortly
after, Slatzer got in contact with Fowler again. He said he
forgot to tell him, but he had been married to Monroe. The
"marriage" was a short one: 72 hours. It happened in Mexico on
October 4, 1952. Unfortunately for Slatzer, Spoto found out that
Monroe was in Beverly Hills that day on a shopping spree and she
signed a check dated October 4th to pay for the articles she
purchased (Spoto p. 227). Since Slatzer says that the pair left
for Mexico on October 3rd and stayed for the following weekend,
this demolishes his story.

But despite his fabrications, in 1974 Slatzer turned his article
into a book entitled The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn
Monroe. It went through at least three printings, including a
mass paperback sale. Besides his "marriage" and his "continuing


FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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" [Emphasis added]
No surprise, Smith didn't ask Exner what she meant by that last
comment, which sent the following flurry of questions bursting
through my brain: Who in the government wants her to talk? Since
she had just talked to Hersh, was it him who relayed this to her?
And what on earth does that stunning adverb "again" signify? Does
this mean the government pushed her in 1977? In 1988? On both
In retrospect, the recurring intervals of Exner's appearances are
suggestive. Although the Post surfaced her in 1975, her book did
not come out until two years later, on the fif***th anniversary
of Kennedy's assassination. The 1988 People version - boosted by
two Times stories previewing its release - seems done to get the
jump on other stories for the 25th anniversary (as we shall see,
Ron Rosenbaum filled this role for the 20th anniversary). The
latest edition, with Exner aware of the JFK Act, was done at the
beginning of what was originally to be the last year of the
Review Board. Smith wrote the piece before the extra year was
granted by Congress. Smith's friendliness with Hersh, seems to
further this. For according to the ARRB's original timetable, the
Vanity Fair piece would arrive at the beginning of its last year
and Hersh's attack book in October, right when the Review Board
was originally set to shut down. This would make a nice pincers
movement with which to smother the Board's

FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a longstanding
American plan to control and dominate the oil and natural gas supplies
for Europe, Japan, and Asia, and thus the future of the world's economy.
What my teacher, mentor, and later friend, the late and great Professor
Hans Morgenthau once denominated as "unlimited imperialism"27 in his
classic work Politics Among Nations.

Of course, the Bush Sr. war against Iraq for oil in 1991 was the first
battle in this U.S. quest for world economic hegemony. To the same
effect were the Bush Sr. invasion of Somalia;28 the Clinton/Bush Jr.
military intervention into Colombia;29 Bush Jr.'s support for the
anti-Chavez coup in oil-rich Venezuela;30 the post-9/11 U.S. military
intervention into and occupation of Djibouti in order to control the
Suez Canal/Persian Gulf oil route to Europe, and also to obtain direct
military access to the oil and natural gas resources around the Horn of
Africa; the August 2003 U.S. military intervention into Liberia, once
again to grab di


FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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saying, "Here, would you find out who these
  belong to. They're not my size. (Ibid)

With this kind of standard I'm surprised the authors did not use
that other ersatz Kelley "bombshell" about Jackie, namely that
JFK's affairs drove her to electroshock therapy.

Many of the *** anecdotes go unsourced, but there is one that
is footnoted that is quite revealing. The authors use it as a
coda to a chapter on Jack's early years in the House. This
passage synthesizes the image they wish to depict: Kennedy as the
empty vessel of his father who had his role as politician forced
on him after Joe Junior's death and who now uses sex as a release
from his own vacuity. It deserves to be quoted at length:
  The whole thing with him was pursuit. I think he was
  secretly disappointed when a woman gave in. It meant that
  the low esteem in which he held women was once again
  validated....I was one of the few he could really talk
  to....During one of these conversations I once asked him why
  he was doing it-why he was acting like his father...why he
  was taking a chance on getting caught in a scandal.... He
  took awhile to formulate an answer. Finally he shrugged and
  said, "I don't know, really, I guess I just can't help it."
  He had this sad expression on his face. He looked like a
  little boy about to cry (p. 214)

Pretty strong stuff. What else could the authors ask for but
young Jack confessing to their charge? But perhaps a little too
perfect? After contemplating the words, I thought to myself that
JFK was never this open to his girlfriends. Perh


FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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's precious time here analyzing this criminal
document in extenso. But it reads like a Nazi war planning document that
could have been introduced into evidence before the Nuremberg Tribunal.

Certainly its most odious language is: ". . . we recognize that our best
defense is a good offense. . ." In other words, the United States
government has publicly admitted in an official government document that
it is now prepared to wage offensive warfare against its chosen
adversaries around the world irrespective of the requirements of the
United Nations Charter, the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, as well as the
Nuremberg Charter, Judgment, and Principles, inter alia. I could file
this official U.S. government document with the International Court of
Justice in The Hague as proof-positive that it is now the official
policy of the United States government to wage criminal wars of
aggression against other U.N. member states in violation of the most
elementary principles of the contemporary international legal order that
would be too numerous to list here. What lawyers call an "Admission
Against Interest." Basically, the Bush Jr. administration has officially
incriminated the United States of America under international law and
practice. The arrogance of Power! Which usually spells their downfall.
Even more disturbingly, while it was publicly campaigning for a war of
aggression against Iraq, in December of 2002 the Bush Jr. administration
released its so-called "National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass
Destruction," which could be found published on the web-page for the
White House itself. This follow-up Nazi war plan calls for the first use
of weapons of mass extermination - chemical, biological, and nuclear -
by the United States government under t


FS: "1992 Winter Olympics" Collector Card (Factory-Sealed) Set

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interviews which are presented in the main text. Some of them at
such length-two and three pages-that they give the volume the air
of an ***history. To make it worse, after someone has stopped
talking, the authors tell us the superfluous fact that his wife
walked into the room, making for more excess verbiage (p.60). And
on top of this, the Blairs have no gift for syntax or language,
let alone glimmering prose. As a result, even for an interested
reader, the book is quite tedious.

The Blairs spend much of their time delving into two areas of
Kennedy's personal life: his health problems and his
relationships with the opposite sex. Concerning the first, they
chronicle many, if not all, of the myriad and unfortunate medical
problems afflicting young Kennedy. They hone in on two in order
to straighten out the official record. Previous to this book, the
public did not know that Kennedy's back problem was con***.
The word had been that it came about due to a football injury.

Second, the book certifies that Kennedy was a victim of Addison's
disease, which attacks the adrenal glands and makes them faulty
in hormone secretion. The condition can be critical in fights
against certain infections and times of physical stress.

Discovered in the 19th century, modern medication (discove