Please stop responding to "l" This guy's an IDIOT

Please stop responding to "l" This guy's an IDIOT

Post by David G. Szwa » Tue, 10 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Please take note of this very wise posting I read and
copied a while back.  Many thanks to the orginal poster!

If you are a regular reader of this newsgroup, you have probably

ranting and raving about the greatness of Michael Johnson, Carl
Lewis and Gail Devers over the last few weeks.  Many of you
seem especially annoyed with his comparisons between Johnson and
Donovan Bailey.

Well people, I think the joke is on you.  In the first place, his
postings are so loud and absurd that you shouldn't be taking it
seriously (doesn't he have one posting which he posts over and
over again?).

The guy called "l" is really Blase Menichelli (unless he faked his
name) and he's been posting to Usenet for quite a while now.  I
think he believes what he is saying only to a certain extent; his
main intention is to amuse himself by getting under the skin of
everyone.  His postings in other groups supports this.

In the past, he has posted to groups such as alt.paranormal,
sci.skeptic, and alt.out-of-body.  He's been annoying believers in
the paranormal with his outlandish postings, some of which
offered rewards to those who could demonstrate their "psychic
abilities."  The following is an example of his handiwork:

>If you are one of those who claim "PSYCHIC" powers then
>now is the time to cash in !!

>To eliminate curiosity; to enter the contest & receive rules
>you'll need to email back to me your complete name, physical
>address & telephone number ( NO VOICE MAIL) . If you can do that,
>you'll receive the rules & will EASILY WIN the $10,000 since if
>you really have "PSYCHIC" powers, it'll be a snap to win !
>It's completely FREE to enter !

He has also posted to groups such as misc.entrepreneurs and the* hierarchy.  Most of his postings in these groups
have been offers-of-employment or get-rich-quick schemes.  I think
his satirical nature is quite evident in the following example:

>          ------------------------------

>  Tired of just getting by...THIS IS THE ANSWER!

>  National Business Consultants offers the most
>  powerful income building vehicle to date!

>Consider this: A ONE TIME $50 investment could turn
>into $6204 plus thousands each and every month...
>which could develop into $7,500 every two weeks...
>which could develop into $10,000 every week.

>And a FREE BONUS: 30 boxes of cereal and 30 cans of coffee -
>All name brands - your choice at no additional out of pocket cost
>to you (this alone is worth 3 to 4 times your initial investment)!

been goofing on you all along!