NBC's Olympic coverage

NBC's Olympic coverage

Post by Shi, Zhiqia » Wed, 29 Jul 1992 10:58:00

> Houston Chronicle
> By Mike McDaniel
> Date 27 Jul 1992
> Title: Triplecast makes history, no money

I want to mention that Mike McDaniel is very happy with NBC's Olympic coverage
and is probably the only person so far.

McDaniel writes

>The broadcast coverage tape-delayed though it might be, has so far been much
> better in presenting to its American audience what Americans want to see:
> A close-up of gold medal winner Nelson Diebel turning emotional during the
> swimmer's awards ceremony; a brief geography and history lesson on Angola
> from Bob Costas before the drumming  its basketball players received at the
> hands of America's Dream Team; an edited yet complete showing - for its
> audience - of the gymnastic competition.

and concludes

> NBC's coverage has been top-notch, from its pre-Games show Friday night,
> which included an emotionally charged profile of swimmer Pablo Morales and an
> eye-opening  interview with gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi to Saturday's
> inspiring coverage of the opening ceremony...

Such comments should serve as a good adverti***t to promote
 "rec.sport.olympics" as probably Mr Mc Daniel will be postulating
for a position with NBC's coverage team with such a flattering article.

Of course these views are not shared by people starving for information
concerning the Olympic Events.

People who have volunteered to post the results, please do so, as we are all
waiting for the real informations and results that we cannot get in watching
Thank you in advance.