WRESTLING: preview

WRESTLING: preview

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[Excerpts taken from "The Complete Book of the Olympics"]

International amateur wrestling follows a complicated system of
scoring. Beginning in 1984, matches of two three-minute rounds
replaced matches of three three-minute rounds. As a match progresses,
contestants score points as a result of successful holds, positions of
advantage, and near-throws. A match is terminated as a result of a
fall or if one wrestler achieves a 12-point lead. If the six-minute
mark is reached without a fall or 12-point lead, the wrestler with the
most points is declared the winner. Through 1984, in case of a tie,
the victory was awarded to the contestant who achieved the highest
scoring move or who scored the last point. In 1988, a sudden death
overtime period was introduced.

Each man is then assigned a certain number of points for the match
according to the following chart. Until 1984, scoring was done with a
negative or "bad" points rather than positive points.

    4       win by fall
    4       win by 12 or more points
    4       win by passivity - winner uncautioned
    3.5     win by 8-11 points
    3       win by less than 8 points
    3       win by passivity - winner cautioned once
    2       win by passivity - winner cautioned twice
    1       lose by less than 8 points
    0.5     lose by 8-11 points
    0       lose by 12 or more points
    0       withdrawl due to injury
    0       lose by passivity
    0       lose by fall
    0       lose by disqualification (the most common cause being
            passivity or lack of aggressiveness)

There are 10 weight classes in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman

     48kg   light flyweight
     52kg   flyweight
     57kg   bantamweight
     62kg   featherweight
     68kg   lightweight
     74kg   welterweight
     82kg   middleweight
     90kg   light heavyweight
    100kg   heavyweight
    130kg   super heavyweight

Participants in each weight class are divided by lot into two pools. A
wrestler is eliminated from competition by two defeats. When all but
three wrestlers in a group have been eliminated, the survivors engage
in a round robin to determine first, second, and third. The winners of
the two pools meet for the championship. The runners-up meet for third
and fourth place and the third place finishers in each pool meet to
decide the fifth and sixth place. In 1988, a "B" final was instituted
to determine seventh place. Before 1984, tournaments were organized
differently, using final round-robin rounds instead of single matches
for first, third and fifth places.

In Greco-Roman wrestling the use of the legs is prohibited, and no
holds may be made below the hips. The system of scoring is the same as
in freestyle wresatling.


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