Hey guys

Hey guys

Post by wo0d.. » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

> On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:18:32 GMT, "Steve Doherty"

> >> Nah.  America is like that ?

> >Americans are sttrange. :) No doubt about it.

***** Thank you. :)

> >> I hope you have a great time there.  Where in the states are you ?

> >Irvine, CA. 45 minutes outside of LA. It's a lot like Perth without >
> >the good points :)

> >The job is fun, and the work experience is good. We'll see.

> >Steve

> I think thet high school there was featured on the news recently.
> No... not another massacre - they're hardly newsworthy anymore.
> Rather, some disappointed band members who won't be performing at the
> Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. Ya better lose any trace of an
> Aussie accent Steve or you may end up in ER.

****** heh heh heh. Saying "Good-day mate!" around Irvine/LA California
these days may not be the safest move to make, now that the tv news has
picked up the story of how the Sydney Olympics organizers cheated out of
a deal they made with the local American high school kids......

Have they started to burn "Golden Kangaroos" in effigy out there yet? :)

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