WTB: 2002 USA "Squaw Valley" pullover

WTB: 2002 USA "Squaw Valley" pullover

Post by Woodcock » Sun, 17 Mar 2002 22:09:53


I'm looking for the Roots 2002 Team USA "Squaw Valley" style pullover.  This is
the one with the Salt Lake City Blue front and Patriot Blue shoulders, sleeves,
and back.  I need a size XL or XXL.

I thought I had one purchased from a retailer online during the Games, but I
was inquring about my order status yesterday, and apparently my order wasn't on
file.  I've also learned that Roots has discontinued this item.

If you have one to sell, or if you know of where I may be able to get one
(other than Roots and the USOC site) please e-mail me directly at