Atlanta's BEST Olympics/Paralympics Housing Value

Atlanta's BEST Olympics/Paralympics Housing Value

Post by DMHawki » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00

GAMES NOW LESS THAN 52 DAYS AWAY -- Still searching for affordable
Olympics lodging?Atlanta is all-abuzz with e***ment -- 10 days ago the
Atlanta Olympic Stadium opened its doors to the public, for the very first
time, and some of the Olympic athletes are already here, in the city.

If you have plans to come to Atlanta during the Olympics/Paralympics and
you haven't yet been able to find affordable accomodations, we still have
a couple of rooms available, but they are going fast, so please contact us
right away to make a reservation.

My husband and I are renting out rooms in our Atlanta home during both the
Olympics and the Paralympic games.  For bed and breakfast accomodations in
rooms with 2 twin beds, we are asking $75.00 per night for a minimum
3-week stay; $90.00 per night for a minimum 2-week stay; and $107.00 per
night for a one-week stay.  Daily rate is $150.00 per night.

Also, available for rental, we have a large luxury suite with queen size
bed, walk in closet and huge private bathroom with twin sinks, commode,
and separate shower and garden tub.  For the suite, we are asking $120.00
per night for a minimum 3-week stay, $140 per night rson (with double
occupancy) for a minimum 3-week stay.  The daily rate is $180.00 per

A photograph of our house can be viewed at our home page:;  Since URLs are
case-sensitive, be sure to capitalize the words, Atlanta, Housing, and

We are located northeast of the downtown area, relatively close to many of
the  venue sites.  For instance we are exactly halfway between Lake Lanier
-- where all the aquatic events (rowing, canoeing, etc) are taking place
-- and the Olympic stadium and other key venue sites downtown.  We are
only 4 miles from I-85, the main access route north, to Gainesville and
Lake Lanier and south, to downtown.  A shuttle bus to the Doraville MARTA
station -- the public transit system to all the events at the Olympic
stadium and other key venue sites downtown -- is less than 10 minutes
away.   From Doraville, trains leave every 3 minutes and the fare is $1.50
per ride.  If you have event tickets, the ride is free.  We are also less
than an hour from Soccer, volleyball and rythmic gymnastics events at the
University of Georgia campus in Athens, north-east of Atlanta.  

Our home is in a very quiet and crime-free area, away from congested
downtown districts.  From our front deck, we look down upon acres of
unspoiled Georgia pine and hardwood forest land, that is habitat to deer,
squirrels and a wide variety of colorful songbirds.  Canada geese often
fly over on their way to Lake Lanier.

When you arrive, we will pick you up at Atlanta's Hartsfield International
Airport at no cost to you--the usual taxi fare for this ride on
"uncrowded" highways is $65.  We are willing to drive you to and from
nearby public transit facilities each day for a small fee.  You will,
undoubtedly, find this service invaluable because city officials report
that, in July and August, the traffic in this city in and around venue
sites will be extremely congested and parking will be expensive and hard
to find.

guarantee that you will receive a very prompt response.